Confidential Note

From: Andor, Vault Elder
To: Surface Expedition Team Members

Fellow Scavengers,

I have a secret to reveal: Tau is dying.

For many years, I have watched the decline of our community. In fact, for the last generation it is only the valiant efforts of our Surface Expedition Teams that have allowed us to maintain our life underground. However, soon we will be forced to abandon Tau to survive on the surface… or perish.

This year the community of Tau has chosen you, our bravest souls, to leave the safety of the subterranean vault and explore the ruins of the once great civilization that existed prior to the Fall. Although it is an honour to be selected as a Scavenger, it requires great courage, as you must travel over unknown terrain, battle mutant creatures, and experience fierce radiation zones in search of any useful materials that will allow all of us to escape from our pathetic existence.

As you must know, many of the Scavengers sent out do not return, and some of those that do have suffered mutations and sickness. This is the risk you take, the sacrifice you are all willing to make for your people. Knowing the odds, you will bid your family and friends good-bye and venture into the land of your forefathers. Good luck to you all. The people of Tau will await your safe return.

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