EC/A Briefing and Orders

From: Swahl, Vault Overseer
To: Surface Expedition Team Members

Congratulations, fellow citizen. You, and other volunteers like you, have been selected for the next Surface Expedition Team. You will shortly leave the protected environment of the underground vault to explore the scarred surface of our planet and ruined cities to scavenge for materials that will ensure our survival and raise our standard of living. Who knows? You might even find the means for us to safely recolonize the outside world.

I cannot understate the importance of this mission. Without spare parts from the surface, our vault systems may fail and thus doom the community to extinction. However, I also cannot understate the dangers involved. Most of the plants and animals that our ancestors knew as peaceful and docile have mutated into savage, murderous beasts that will attack without provocation.

You also will encounter many areas of contamination – termed ‘Creep’ – from high radiation, man-made biological agents, or other toxic substances. Immediate effects vary based on the substance encountered or environment braved, but the long term effects are particularly detrimental.

In addition, the surface of our planet is wracked by frequent and often violent radiation storms. Explorers who are caught outside of the protective shell of an underground ruin without a radiation suit are likely to suffer sickness, mutations, or even death.

As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, this mission is not going to be any walk in the park. You might think that the odds make it impossible; that may indeed be true. But we, the citizens of Tau, have faith that you will succeed.

Our hopes go with you.

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