EC/B Team Composition

From: Eralc, Director of Personnel
To: Surface Expedition Team Members

At this time, you should be preparing to assemble in the surface ruins above Tau with your fellow Scavengers. Before embarking on your journey, you will have to select the members of your Expedition Team. A typical team consists of between four and eight members. Although there is safety (and strength) in numbers, we simply do not have sufficient personnel for larger parties.

You will want to choose a team with a mix of skills and training. It is important that some party members possess exceptional combat ability, so that they may defeat marauding monsters. It is also a good idea to have at least one swift and highly mobile team member, for stealth is often key. Finally, do not underestimate the importance of technical knowledge, medical ability, and Ancient lore for your success.

We insist that, for protection, you stick together while traveling on the planet’s surface. However, party members may be left in safely-secured ruins while the remaining members go on. In fact, it may even be to your advantage to escort other Scavengers to outposts that are more strategically located, so that they may join a Expedition Team whose ranks have been decimated in battle.

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