EC/C Map Reconnaissance

From: Beau Mont, Director of Terrain Room
To: Surface Expedition Team Members

Since the Fall, the surface of our planet has changed so drastically that no one has yet produced an accurate map. You will be expected to explore the surface as well as any and all ruined cities you encounter, making maps so that future expeditions may navigate more freely.

Previous expeditions have only managed to explore the immediate surroundings, but have brought back the following information about terrain types:

  • City/Urban: There are a considerable number of ruined cities to be found in the wastes. Alas, many of these lie in rubble. Scavenging in these cities can be can be very rewarding, but the ruins themselves can present a hazard to Scavengers.
  • Plains/Grassland: Grassy plains once again cover a substantial portion of our planet, proving that Mother Nature is stronger than the evils of Man.
  • Hills/Mountains: Hills and mountains may be encountered during your travels. Hills often contain lairs of mutant beasts, and they can be slow going. Mountains appear to be impassible, but there are rumours of hidden fortresses with great riches in the larger mountains.
  • Desert/Wastes: Desert wastelands, the result of the nuclear holocaust, may be found inland as well as on the coastline. They are often a subject to dangerous dust storms, and will hinder your movement.
  • Swamp/Aquatic: Swamps may be found anywhere, even occasionally within underground ruins. Large areas on the surface are also covered with rivers, lakes, and seas. You may assume that all water you find is polluted, so swimming in it or drinking it is ill-advised.
  • Forest/Jungle: Forests filled with mutant trees are everywhere. They will hinder your progress somewhat, but are otherwise harmless. It is impossible to see far in forests, however, due to the density of the mutated leaves.
  • Creep Zones: Our scouts have identified several areas of severe contamination. You may be brave enough to enter these areas, but I caution you that the effects of Creep contamination are cumulative!

You will find that you can get just about anywhere on foot except across water or mountains. If you are lucky, you might be able to tame some of the creatures you encounter and use them as pack mounts. Previous Expeditions have attempted to repair Ancient vehicles to use to cross long distances quickly, but did not meet with much success.

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