EC/D Tau Storerooms

From: Jannet Oh, Chief Custodian of Tau Storerooms
To: Surface Expedition Team Members

Although your primary mission is to procure enough spare parts to ensure the survival of Tau, your secondary goal is to bring back any other items you find which may be of value to the vault. Previous Scavengers have brought back armour, weapons, medicine, and even Ancient robots. These are kept in the storerooms of Tau. When you return from a foray on the surface, you will be encouraged to deliver any unwanted articles in the storeroom, for which you will be duly compensated in the form of Trade Units (or ‘TU’). You may, of course, draw on the supplies in the storeroom (at a cost) whenever you like. I heartily recommend storing unused objects here, since the storerooms are secure and the objects will be protected from roaming creatures and thieves.

I am sure that you are questioning why it is necessary that you earn Trade Units to outfit your group.

I would like to remind you that Tau has already equipped you with the best survival gear, weapons, and protection that we have available in any quantity. Our resources are, in fact, quite limited and we have no way of knowing which few of you will possess the necessary qualities to advance the cause of Tau. It is not in our best interest to waste what other equipment we have on the rest of you who will, pardon the expression, wash out right away. This therefore, is our means of determining who among you is most capable, while at the same time providing a little personal incentive to ensure that we get the most from every one of you.

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