EC/F Surface Inhabitants

From: Chris Stassen, Senior Sociologist
To: Surface Expedition Team Members

Though not naturally equipped to survive disaster, the cunning of the human race assured its survival. Be assured that we are not the only descendants of mankind to survive, although we may indeed be the last ‘true’ humans. As far as we know, the descendants of the Ancients have divided into several distinct groups:

  • Tribals: These are the foraging (or lost) members of primitive tribes that have somehow survived in the wastes. They must live and hunt on the surface to ensure survival, leading to rampant mutation. Most are hostile to Expedition Teams and should be considered armed and dangerous.
  • Marauders: These raiders are those who only found temporary shelter during the Fall, or who have lost possession of their city. Retaining a crude understanding of Ancient technology, they now survive by stealth, hiding and waylaying unwary travellers.
  • Mutants: For the vast majority of the planet’s population, there was no shelter. And, while hundreds of millions died, a few thousand survived the radiation. But they are the mutants, the unfit. Some are rumoured to be far more powerful than the average man, yet most should be weak.
  • Ghouls: Bacteria also survived the Fall. The radiation changed them, and several previously unknown diseases swept the land. One such disease causes decay of flesh, but also changes the digestive system so that eating human flesh will replenish the body – for a short time. The disease also endows the body with above-average strength and the skeleton with remarkable hardness. Beware the ever-hungry, cannibalistic ghoul!

We believe that, like us, some humans may have escaped the Fall in protected underground shelters. Though retaining untainted genetics and possessing knowledge of Ancient technology, these enclaves are notoriously xenophobic – even to ‘true’ humans such as ourselves.

Under no circumstances will any Surface Expedition Team reveal the location of Tau without permission from the Tau council. The safety of your community is paramount!

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