EC/G The Creep

From: Kelvin Klyne, Creep Consultant
To: Surface Expedition Team Members

In the decades since the Fall, the myriad of radionucleotides, environmental poisons, and nanotech plagues have mingled to the point where – in regard to their impact on living beings – they are all the same global ailment. To the folks who roam the wastes, the effects of all the toxic goops and lethal pathogens are thought of as a single plague: the Creep.

In truth, the Creep can stem from nearly any source of radiation, man-made biological agents, or toxic substance. Although the genetic mechanisms are not well understood, exposure to the Creep will eventually lead to mutations in almost all subjects. The specific effects may vary based on the substance encountered or environment braved, but the overall effects are the same: mutation.

Creep accumulates in characters following periods of exposure to Creep-inducing agents. Although you may recover from the immediate effects of these agents, the Creep will almost certainly be with you until you die. As the Creep accumulates in your system, more radical effects emerge. In the short-term, some effects might seem beneficial, but everyone with the Creep is ultimately heading to the same place…

Since the Creep is generally invisible and undetectable without special equipment it will be your most insidious threat. Each of you has been equipped with a ‘rad tab’ which measures your Creep exposure. The strip changes color when you come close to dangerous contamination. After exposure to Creep, a rad tab cannot be used again. Instead, once your tab is exhausted (and if you survive the effects of the exposure), you will simply be issued a new rad tab.

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