EC/H Mutation Memo

From: Dr. Ben Van, Mutation Expert
To: Surface Expedition Team Members

A common result of Creep exposure is the development of a mutation. Our scientists have been left baffled as to how mutagenic agents can lead to such immediate and drastic effects. We postulate that the interplay between radiation, genetically-engineered viruses, and the remnants of nanotechnology are somehow to blame.

There are many different forms that a mutation may take. All mutations are classified as either mutant perks or mutant flaws. Perks are beneficial, while flaws are baneful. You are about twice as likely to develop a flaw than a perk.

Not all mutations are equal; some are more powerful (or detrimental) than others. Perks and flaws are broken down into three grades: minor, medium, and major. Minor mutations seem more common than medium mutations, which themselves are more common than major mutations. And, of course, there is always the “ultimate mutation” – death.

Although our scientists have not yet found a cure for the development of mutation, some Scavengers have reported that re-exposure to Creep can, on rare occasions, reverse the effect of the initial exposure. We do not recommend this method of treatment, as it generally causes additional mutations to occur.

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