Playtest Characters

Here are the stats of a few of the surviving PCs from the playtest sessions:

Jomat the Angered. Mutant Enforcer 3 (4235 XP), AC 1/DR 3 (Unisoldier armour; +10 to Athletics checks, integrated e-clip charger), MV 9″, HD 3d10 (hp 21), hybrid greataxe (melee Atk +3, 1d12), or optic emissions (ranged Atk +3, 2d6), or speargun (ranged Atk +3, 1d8). False sensory input, optic emissions. Jomat takes out his anger on almost anyone, and he’s built up quite a bit over the years.

Jomat is the sole survivor of a previous expedition which netted some pretty decent relics – such as his Unisoldier armour. Unfortunately, Jomat had to abandon his companions (and their gear) to ravening ghouls in the ruins known as ‘Ember’. Given his mutations, he is no longer welcome in Tau.

Blathering Ben. Near-Human Thinker 2 (1210 XP), AC 7 (heavy robes), MV 12″, HD 2d6 (hp 8), baseball bat (melee Atk +1, 1d8), or slingshot (ranged Atk +1, 1d4). Mind block. Language translator. Ben has been following others his entire life; unfortunately he has become experienced enough to be considered important.

Brolim the Slim. Human Scout 3 (3285 XP, +10% bonus), AC 7 (coydog hide), MV 15″, HD 3d8+2 (hp 10), daggers (melee Atk +3, 1d6 or ranged Atk +3, 1d4), or hunting bow (ranged Atk +3, 1d6). Magnesium firestarter. Brolim is pale and skinny, but light on his feet.

Ben and Brolim are survivors of another ill-fated journey into the wastes (Ben spent most of the expedition unconscious). They returned to Tau with considerably less swag than Jomat.

Steel Magnolia. Near-Human Scout 2 (2618 XP), AC 7 (leather bodysuit), MV 15″, HD 2d8 (hp 8), kusari-gamma (melee Atk +1, 1d8), or crossbow (ranged Atk +2, 1d6). Clairvoyance, ultravision. Although a senior citizen, Steel Magnolia is still spry and alert.

Steel Magnolia is a more recent addition; her reputation as a good scout was cemented when she helped the party avoid a pack of giant scorpions.

2 Responses to “Playtest Characters”

  1. Most of the party members experienced mutation when the group wandered into a Creep zone in the desert; only Brolim resisted its mutagenic effects.

  2. Hmm; I also notice that any PC who received a mutant flaw died subsequently in battle (and thus are not listed in this post).Natural selection at work?

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