Children of the Metal Gods

I have just completed a new Referee Supplement, entitled ‘Children of the Metal Gods’:

This supplement consists primarily of stolen ideas. The name “Children of the Metal Gods” is swiped without permission from Dominic Covey’s Darwin’s World. Rippers and ROMs are swiped without permission from EarthAD v.2 by Precis Intermedia Games. Some concepts swiped without permission from Logan’s Run and Robert Adam’s Horseclans.

2 Responses to “Children of the Metal Gods”

  1. Note that the newest revision of the 'Humanoid Encounters' tables includes references to the (as-of-yet-unpublished) 'Robots' supplement.Until that supplement is written, I would recommend rolling a d8 on the 'Enclave Encounters' table here instead.

  2. Good job once again!

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