September Session

My brother visited this weekend and we ended up playing Tempora Mutantur until 2:30 in the morning. Here is a session report of our two games.

Slimy Lake & Environs

In the first expedition, he decided to circumnavigate Slimy Lake. The party discovered that the bridge across Sludge River was held by arachnoid mutants (and spidergoats!), but managed to negotiate passage by paying a toll instead of resorting to combat.
Heading south along the Great Road, they encountered a mysterious shrine to some Ancient demigod. Further south was the trade community of Sanctuary, built atop an overpass. This was the first true example of ‘civilization’ that they have found in the wastes, and the party managed to befriend the settlement’s Cartel leader (named Calico). Calico was eager to discover the location of the PCs’ settlement, but the party only revealed that it was ‘to the east’. Calico also described two nearby areas of civilization – the Barony of Horn to the south, and the Resettled Lands to the north.
Leaving Sanctuary, the group headed east cross-country and promptly got lost. The party discovered vast plains of undulating tentacles, and decided to take to the swamp instead. Spotting a storm approaching from the eastern wastes, the PCs took cover in a rad-wolf den (after disposing of its former inhabitants) and discovered a mysterious black pit filled with water. They marked the location on their map, then continued onwards.
During the return journey up the eastern side of Slimy Lake, the party was attacked by a group of quill cats. Unfortunately, Steel Magnolia died in the encounter. The saddened party then returned home. The elders of Tau were less impressed than the party expected about the discovery of Sanctuary, and they directed the party to learn more about the Barony of Horn and the Resettled Lands.

The Great Road

In the second expedition, the party went north along the Great Road to find the Resettled Lands described by Calico. Once again, they paid a toll to the arachnoids to cross the Sludge River. Further north they had to cross the river once more, but at a bridge where only the suspension cables remained.
At night, they could see a vast glow to the west from a dangerously irradiated zone, and eventually the group reached a crossroads where a marker of some sort was constructed. Continuing north, the PCs started to see areas of active farming and eventually reached the agricultural community of Far-Go.
The elders of Far-Go met with the PCs and were reasonably friendly, although they disapproved of the Ancient devices wielded by the party. They spoke of other ‘Brethren’ communities in the Resettled Land – namely Fax and Kin, which had been established in recent decades. It appears that civilization of a sort has returned to the surface world while the inhabitants of Tau have remained hidden in their vault.
The journey home was relatively uneventful. The party was questioned extensively when they returned – particularly if they felt that conditions had improved to the point where surface settlement was possible. The PCs decided that the time was not yet right, and that additional scouting expeditions to the surface were recommended.
At this point it was the middle of the night, so we stopped the game there.

One Response to “September Session”

  1. As you may guess from the Far-Go reference, I have imported Gamma World influences into the campaign.This is the first Tempora Mutantur session where I have introduced 'civilized' humanoids. In retrospect, I think I might regret it. The wasteland was more compelling when the Scavengers from Lau were the last, lonely survivors of the Ancients…

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