Tempora Mutantur on Google Docs

UPDATE: The migration to Google Docs is now complete.

I have updated the links on this site and you can now get the Tempora Mutantur Core Rules from the Core Rules post.

You can download all the rules supplements from the One-Page Downloads post.

For some background on why I chose to move from Scribd, check out this blog post.

2 Responses to “Tempora Mutantur on Google Docs”

  1. Wow… Talk about timing… I spent two hours last night going through hades trying to figure out how to access your files on Scribd. I ended up using a back door and using the scribd.com/mobile/ to get around paying them for access, and printed to PDF on others…Thank you… As soon as you post them, I'll be downloading them.

  2. Wise move. scribd has become a pain lately, I've got an account and it's a pain to view and download files lately.

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