Tempora Mutantur – ‘Final’ Rulesets

Happy Hallowe’en! I’m close to being satisfied with the rules for Tempora Mutantur and am just cleaning things up now. (I’m still putting ‘Final’ in quotes until I get a chance to run this revision with a group.) The last change of significance in the Core Rules is to switch initiative from a d20 check to a d6 roll:

I have also started combining some of my thematically-similar one-page rulesets into two-page PDFs for ease of double-sided printing:

(There’s still some redundant content between the Creep and Mutations rules that I’ll have to sort out.)

As well, I’ve copied the Mission Overview / Briefing Report from this website into a two-page player background that this suitable for printing:

I’ll clean up the rest of the rules and links on this site. As always, feedback is welcome.

One Response to “Tempora Mutantur – ‘Final’ Rulesets”

  1. I added your game to the Mutant Future Wiki (under "game systems")http://mutant-future.wikia.com/wiki/Tempora_Mutantur

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