Small Cities & Metropoli (Pt. 1)

I prefer sandbox-style campaigns to adventures that are tailored to character level. As such, the Tempora Mutantur rules assume you’re just as likely to find pipe rifle as a particle beam cannon, or encounter giant rats as a gamma wyrm. This is all well and good, but it does not encourage PCs to explore – if any ruin is just as likely to provide good gear, then why bother leaving the neighbourhood?

Therefore, I propose dividing urban ruins into three categories – small cities, large cities, and metropoli. This post provides modified weapon relic tables for urban ruins of various sizes.

(Coming Next: Armour…)

5 Responses to “Small Cities & Metropoli (Pt. 1)”

  1. Working with tables in Blogger is sure a lot trickier than in WordPress. The formatting looks terrible, but I'll fiddle with appearance once I get all the content online.

  2. I've never been able to figure out blogging tables, and have often resorted to taking a jpeg of the table and posting it that way.

  3. Hmm; a clever idea. Let me try it out…I am accustomed to html coding, and have used extensive tables in WordPress for other RPG blogs, but everyone seems to have migrated over to Blogger so I am inclined to use it for Tempora Mutantur.

  4. Well, the screenshots are mildly hideous but a heck of a lot quicker than fiddling with the tables. I will go with your suggestion for my next couple posts…

  5. For blogger it is best to construct the tables in notepad where you can work clearly and then remove all of the line breaks before pasting it into blogger.That is, the whole table is a single line (turn off 'word wrap' in notepad as well)

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