I’m jonesing to get in some actual play of Tempora Mutantur, but schedules have not been aligning for a tabletop session. Instead, I am thinking about running a play-by-comment mini-campaign here on this gameblog.

I’ve done several play-by-comment games before using WordPress (Expedition to the Barrier Peaks being the most popular); this would be my first time trying it in Blogger. I’m looking for more of a ‘quick-and-dirty’ experience – the amount of time to craft each post was a reason why I got burnt out with play-by-comment games before. The intent would be to portray a single outing and see how things go. Also, I don’t want to get lost in the details so I’ll try to squeeze as much action into a single post as possible.

Is there any interest? Tempora Mutantur is suited to single players with multiple PCs, so I’d be willing to go with a very small group.

Leave a comment here if you’re game, check out the Mission Overview, and make a few characters as directed in the Core Rules.

12 Responses to “Play-by-Comment?”

  1. I love your Tempora Mutantor rules (small & slick) but I'm playing different things right now. However, I'd love to play a play-by-comment game — count me in.

  2. Sounds good! Make a character or three and we'll see who else shows interest.

  3. I'm still up for a f2f game, and am good for the w/e of the 26/27.

  4. Paladin – that weekend should work; check my e-mail.I am still interested in running an online component; perhaps competing Surface Expedition Teams.

  5. Okay; start posting a few characters as comments in this thread and I'll kick things off once there are enough PCs.

  6. 2 characters to either choose from or I could play them all:Charlie Roxx, Human Enforcer 1 (XP 0, +10% bonus), AC 5(Tires cut into small segments clamshell his body), MV 9" HD 1D10+2 (hp 12), large STOP sign (melle attk +1, 1D10). A gruff old sarge, but loves kids.Silent Jack, Human Scout 1 (XP 0, +10% bonus), AC 9, MV 15", HD 1D8+2 (hp 10) 2 daggers (1D6, 1D4 if thrown) or a homemade bow (1D6, out of ammo on a 1. He's as obnoxious as loyal. He loves to challenge himself.

  7. They look good. Charlie and Jack are in.Who's next? Let's shoot for six PCs total; probably two per player.

  8. Steckel, Human Thinker 1 (XP 0, 10% bonus). AC 7 (carpet strips), MV 12", HD 1d6+2 (hp 8), ball-peen hammer (melee Atk +0, 1d6), slingshot (ranged Atk +0, 1d4). *Will spend one selection for a minor relic*. Steckel truly believes that he is special and will one day do something amazing.Mad Mariah, Human Enforcer 1 (XP 0, 10% bonus). AC 5 (coin mail), MV 9", HD 1d10+2 (hp 12), large metal pipe (melee Atk +1, 1d10), rocks (ranged Atk +1, 1d4). Mariah has a temper and her tantrums usually involve rock-throwing.

  9. Greetings Steckel and Mariah. You may assemble with the others near the vault doors; Overseer Swahl will be here soon to send you off.(Steckel rolled poorly; 5 Mechanical Parts as the relic selection. Maybe they're *lucky* parts…)Do we have two more 'volunteers' for the Surface Expedition Team?

  10. I'd like to kick off this play-by-comment today. Four PCs is a little small, but perhaps Lau does not wish to risk a larger group for the initial scouting expedition of the year…If anyone else wants to join, chime in now!

  11. Last chance to join this expedition! This team of Scavengers will set off tomorrow…

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