01 – Departure

You and your fellow scavengers have been selected from the Field of Champions to be the first team to explore the surface this year. Vault Overseer Swahl provides some words of encouragement at your departure:

“Congratulations, fellow citizens. You have been selected for the next Surface Expedition Team. You will shortly leave the protected environment of the underground vault to explore the scarred surface of our planet and scavenge the ruined cities for materials that will ensure our survival.”

Swahl provides a suggestion for your initial course of action: “Previous expeditions have secured an underground shelter in the ruins of Crestone, located about thirty miles to the northeast. They have been collecting parts there to rebuild a working automobile. Some members of last year’s Surface Expedition Team chose to remain on the surface, and might still be in Crestone.”

Nodding at his words, you collect your gear and proceed down the long tunnel which leads to the surface. The guards at the vault entrance wish you luck and and open the blast doors. Crimson light from the morning sun streams into the entry. The surface world awaits…

From just outside the vault entrance, you spy the surface ruins of Tau. The remains of maybe ten or twenty buildings rise above the desert sands, none higher than two storeys. Chunks of pavement peek through in places, upon which lie the rusted hulks of a few pre-Fall machines. Tufts of mutant grass grow in areas of shade, and spiny purple vines cover many walls.

You see no movement or any signs of activity. These ruins have been picked clean of swag by years of scavengers, but a weathered trail of broken pavement leads northward towards the horizon…

What are your actions?

3 Responses to “01 – Departure”

  1. Note that the little yellow triangle beside Lau on the map represents your party's current location.In addition to the typical starting gear, your party has been given a communicator to keep in contact with Lau and provide updates on your progress. Also, each PC has been given a rad tab; these single-use devices will change colour in the presence of Creep, providing some warning before contamination occurs (they allow a second saving throw against Creep).

  2. Steckel, head up and chin out, proclaims, "I have some parts that are no doubt going to be very important to getting this automobile working. Let's get a move on." He proudly steps forward, not looking behind him.Mariah snaps back, "yeah, just march on out into the wastes why don't you, bonehead! Do you even know which way you're walking?"Steckel stops and looks back, and the prideful expression shifts to surprised confusion as he looks around the ruins…

  3. Charlie and Jack – does the plan to venture straight to Crestone suit you?

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