06 – The Ruins of Torrington

You lose line-of-sight as the surviving giant ant disappears behind some rocks. Damn; that thing is quick!

Mariah and Steckel are both injured, but you are loathe to remain here for long. “You know, we’d better get a move on. Those things might bring reinforcements.” Steckel pulls a strip of his carpet robe up, trying to cover more of his neck.

Silent Jack and Charlie Roxx both agree; they wish to press on and rest later. (Jack remembers to reclaim his knife that was embedded in the ant corpse.)

Mariah nods as she tries to patch up her arm. “Yeah, but we need to take a proper break sometime soon. I say we make camp once we find a decent place.”

(The referee tosses the dice to check for further events on day four.)

Hurrying now, the party returns to the highway and heads north to avoid any further insectoid entanglements. The road slopes downhill, and in the distance you can see the ruins of Torrington. Once you reach the open plains and feel confident that no ants are in pursuit, you crack open Jomat’s Journal to review his comments on the site:

“The ruins of Torrington are inhabited by subterranean albino mutants that we have nicknamed ‘morlocks’. We have been unable to make peaceful contact, although they do not seem to be dangerous unless provoked.”

You spend several hours hiking cross-country. The weather is very pleasant, and the sun-dappled grasslands are stunning in their natural beauty. The day passes quickly.

By mid-afternoon you reach the ruined city. It is similar in size to Crestone, but many of the building are in better shape because of the absence of flooding. Not wishing to court any further encounters, you select a secure-looking building on the outskirts to make camp.

(The party spends the remainder of the day resting; Mariah and Steckel regain their lost hit points. The referee tosses some dice to see whether your campsite is safe or not… and looks disappointed.)

After several attempts, you reach Tau Expedition Control on the communicator (the signal is becoming weak). You report on your earlier encounter and current location.

Personnel Director Eralc speaks to you directly: “Be wary!” he cautions. “You are new on the surface and may not be adequately equipped to deal with the challenges you may face. Several previous missions have gone missing in Torrington, and the creatures known as ‘morlocks’ are suspected to be cannibalistic subhumans.”

Despite Eralc’s misgivings, the evening passes safely, and as the red sun rises you ready yourself for a new day in the wastes…

(What are your actions?)

5 Responses to “06 – The Ruins of Torrington”

  1. I do not have access to my Hexographer files right now so can't update the map. The terrain becomes hilly north of Torrington and your movement will be slowed if you continue in that direction.

  2. We should consider going back and grabbing as many useful scraps from the vehicle and take them back to Lau for a cash in (and possibly a level?!).Or we can go F that and go on to Torrington.I'm good either way.

  3. There; the revised map has been added.You sure you want to head back? The ruins of Torrington can provide for good scavenging without having to hike cross-country again.

  4. Like I said, I'm ok with either choice — I think I should wait and see what my partner says.

  5. During the time spent resting, Steckel's thoughts could not help return to the unfinished vehicle back in Crestone."You know, if we find the right parts, I bet I can get that thing running. This place seems to be less run-down than Crestone, I bet we can find what I need."Mariah grunts. "So let's get this straight – you spend a few days on the surface and now you're some kind of expert on Ancient machinery? Give me a break!"Steckel slyly replies, "Well Mariah, I have many talents you are unaware of, some which you might not be able to appreciate, some that you definitely would!"Either ignoring or missing the innuendo, Mariah speaks, "Well, we're here, might as well try to find what we can. That's our mandate."

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