Play-by-Comment XP Rewards

I’m keeping track of each PC’s experience during this adventure. In general, characters in Tempora Mutantur gain experience by returning spare parts and artifacts to the Tau Storeroom and for defeating (or avoiding) monsters and hazards.

To recap, XP awards are as follows (each is award is shared equally amongst the survivors):

  • For each mechanical or electronic part provided to the Tau Storeroom, the returning party receives 10 XP and 1 TU.
  • Relics provided to the Tau Storeroom are worth XP equal to ½ their base value. This reward is halved (cumulatively) for unidentified or broken relics.
  • 100 XP for each HD of creature defeated. Double XP for tougher-than-normal creatures, half XP for avoiding encounters.

However, here are some additional sources of XP available in the Play-by-Comment game:

  • Stating an action for a PC: 10 XP (max of 1 per post per PC)
  • Mapping a new hex: 10 XP (split amongst all party members)
  • Successful skill check: 10 XP, at the referee’s discretion
  • Clever or amusing comment: 10-25 XP

Remember that pure-strain humans receive a +10% XP bonus and that characters must return to their home base for training before gaining a new rank.

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