Anyone up for a Play-by-Skype session? I’d be happy to run an evening game sometime between now and Christmas. I think we could complete a reasonable expedition in 2 or 3 hours, especially if character creation is done beforehand.

5 Responses to “Play-by-Skype?”

  1. The Play-by-Skype party would be a separate Surface Expedition Team from the Play-by-Comment group, but would be operating in parallel (and potentially competing against) the current PCs.

  2. would we need anything other than skype? I'm interested (theophage1968).

  3. In previous games, I have also used Gametable. I'm trying to go minimalist for this, so would probably game with just Skype using its new 'desktop sharing' option.Without Gametable, the only concern is the dice. I'd love to have an easy-to-use Skype add-in that allows dice rolling. Do you know of anything that is Mac-compatible? (Otherwise I would roll all dice as referee.)

  4. Can't help with the dice thing, but I have no problem with the referee throwing all the dice.

  5. I am also interested! I have had no luck with Skype dice rollers to date. Skype name is dr.intensity.

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