08 – On the Road Again

By dawn, the storm has passed. You climb atop the building to survey the surroundings; Torrington is now dusted with fallout, but the radioactivity seems to have decayed to safe levels. The morning sky is an unnatural pink, and you suddenly feel like a refugee, alone and lost on the surface of a strange new world…

“Let’s get back to Crestone and see if can use any of these parts we found to fix that vehicle,” Steckel declares as everyone surveys the fallout.

“That’s fine by me. We really need to keep on the lookout for these storms, that was close.” Mariah coughs lightly.

Gathering your gear, you head south from the ruins, hoping to return to Crestone and perform vehicle repairs in your underground base there.

(The referee rolls some dice for day six aboveground.)

(Next, he makes an Awareness check; the result is 10+10=20 for Silent Jack.)

The rad storm had a profound effect on the vegetation here. Patches of dead and dying grass are interspersed with new growths in a riot of colours. As you trudge along the deserted highway, you notice that some of the new plants twitch in their rapid grown and even creep towards the sun. In the far distance, Silent Jack sees a patch of curiously mobile cornstalks walk onto the roadway ahead of you.

“Maybe we should go off-road, just for a little while.” suggests Jack, pointing out the possible threat of carnivorous corn.

(You avoid an encounter with 4 kernel plants, gaining 40 XP each + an additional 40 XP bonus to Jack. Depicted below is an example of what could have happened if you didn’t avoid them.)

The good weather holds, and you leave the area that seems worst-hit by yesterday’s rad storm. By midday you reach the hills where you encountered the giant ants. You remain vigilant here, not wishing to be claimed as a protein treat for the ant queen.

(Another Awareness check. This one is 3+10=13; a fail.)

You are travelling through a narrow pass when you are startled by angry hoots and yells from above. From the cliffs skyward, you see the silhouette of a humanoid creature. He is crouching behind a large rock, with a crude spear in his hand. Anger (and perhaps fear) distort his features as he points at you and yells.

You do not understand his words, but he certainly appears unfriendly. So much for an uneventful journey to Crestone…

(What are your actions?)

4 Responses to “08 – On the Road Again”

  1. You guys made it all the way to Torrington with just a single encounter, and now you get a rad storm followed by two encounters in a single day!The dice, they are a cruel mistress.(BTW, the pics are courtesy of ATOM from the Mutant Future rulebook.)

  2. Mariah instinctively gets a rock ready to throw. Steckel scrambles for his slingshot and then yells, "Stop and you won't be harmed!"

  3. Roxx and Jack stand at the ready — Jack is holding his bow, and arrow at the ready.

  4. Sounds good; I will try to get a new post online tonight.

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