09 – Caveman Fury

UPDATE 18-DEC-10: Congratulations – you now have a working ATV! (See comments, below the jump.)

Well… almost working – it’s still out of gas.

While travelling through a narrow pass you are startled by angry hoots and yells from above. Peering to the cliffs skyward, you see the silhouette of a humanoid creature. He is crouching behind a large rock and armed with a crude spear. He points at you and yells.

Mariah instinctively gets a rock ready to throw. Steckel scrambles for his slingshot and then yells, “Stop and you won’t be harmed!”

Roxx and Jack stand at the ready – Jack is holding his bow, an arrow nocked.

(Initiative order is Caveman 5; Jack 4; Steckel 2+1=3; and Mariah 1+1=2. Roxx is standing by. Any attacks against the caveman will be at -4 because you are firing from below and he has cover.)

(The referee rolls for morale; the PCs get 20+1=21 vs. 7+3=10. After thinking for a moment, he rolls an Athletics check for the caveman: 9+1+7=17 is a failure.)

The stooped humanoid grunts and strains for a few moments; he is trying to push the boulder down the cliffside on top of you!

Reacting quickly (3+1-4=0; miss), Jack looses a warning shot far above the caveman’s head. Steckel fires a sling stone upwards (7-4=3), but it bounces off the cliffside. Muscles bulging, Mariah hurls a rock towards her foe (8+1-4=5) but also misses.

“Anrrn rmrn!” yells the caveman, pointing towards you. “Rarh hrrh arrh hrh!” he adds, with exceptional fury. Then he turns and runs, vanishing from view into the rocks.

Roxx scans the cliffside and listens carefully. (Awareness check is 19+5=24; a success.) As the caveman’s words echo through the pass, Roxx can hear the sound of other voices answering from far away. “There’s more where he came from.” says Roxx. “Let’s get out of here before they reach us.”

(The referee tosses some dice.)

You waste little time and leave the hills for the open plains. The remainder of the day passes uneventfully, and before evening arrives you take cover in the remains of a rusted-out big rig (it is too rusted to provide any spare parts). You are treated to a brilliant green sunset while making camp. The communicator is working again and you provide a status update to Expedition Control in Tau.

(The referee makes his checks for day seven.)

In the morning, you leave the ragged highway and head southwest towards Crestone. You reach the ruins on the shore by midday, and are hit again with the odd stench which permeates the city. Wishing to begin work on the vehicle immediately, you head straight towards the underground ruins…

(I’ll roll for your repair checks in the next day or two. In the meantime, we’ll see if you are joined by any other Scavengers for the Play-by-Skype session.)

3 Responses to “09 – Caveman Fury”

  1. Let's see about repairing that vehicle… You have 13 mechanical parts. I’ll give you a 13-in-20 chance of actually having the *right* parts to attempt a repair. The roll is 4; a success. Next, Steckel needs to succeed a Lore check (and, as a Thinker, can attempt to re-roll a failed check). The first roll is a measly 2+8=10; his re-roll is 13+8=21 – a success! Congratulations – you now have a working ATV! Unfortunately, it’s still out of gas..

  2. Steckel earns 250 XP for his repairs. He was convinced that one day he would do something amazing; well today may have been the day.

  3. Steckel, clearly thrilled at his success, can't quell his own enthusiasm for seeing the vehicle in action. "There must be fuel in that room – I'm sure it's fine as long as we cover our mouths. Let's check it out!"Mariah takes a look at the skull and crossbones on the window and says, "You go ahead. I'll be outside," and walks away.

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