Play-by-Skype Update

UPDATE 18-DEC-10: Saturday night is out; how about Monday evening (20-Dec-10)? Leave a comment here.

Also, check out the new Campaign Rumour related to ancient shelters.

So I’ve got a collection of folks who seem interested in the Play-by-Skype session:

  • Dr. Intensity,
  • Daniel “Theophage” Clark,
  • One or two players from a D&D campaign I play,
  • One or two players from a Dark Heresy game I play,
  • and (possibly) Gonster.

I’m still shooting for 2-3 hour game in the evening, starting 7:30ish (Mountain Standard Time). The game will be conducted via Skype, using the new ‘share the desktop’ feature to display maps, etc. My Skype name is ‘k-slacker’.

What day works for people? Suggestions include Saturday Dec 18, Monday Dec 20, or Wednesday Dec 22. Leave a comment here to confirm participation and preferred date.

6 Responses to “Play-by-Skype Update”

  1. I am open for Saturday and Monday and Wednesday. Or all three days ;^)

  2. I'll send some e-mails to the folks from my other gaming groups and see if we can swing something tomorrow (Saturday) night.

  3. Saturday won't work; how about Monday?

  4. Monday (tonight) is good for me!

  5. We ran a Play-by-Skype game last night. I will provide a session summary when I get a chance.

  6. Damn, I wish I could have been there. Last minute obligations (stupid real world!)

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