Session Report – In Search of Eden Prairie

We ran a Tempora Mutantur session the evening of Dec 20th, with two players (Dr. Intensity and Kevin) and four PCs (Steckel & Mad Mariah from the Play-by-Comment, with Sawney & Jest) joining for this adventure.

Despite some technical issues at the start of the game (note that the Skype ‘share desktop’ feature does not work for conference calls on a Mac), we got going fairly quickly and managed to do a decent amount of hexploration.

Read on for a (lengthy) session report…

The party met in the Crestone underground base, and the first order of business was obtaining some fuel for the newly-repaired ATV. Steckel risked his life scavenging some jerry cans full of gasoline from the leaking fuel tank in the underground base. (It had been sealed by a previous Surface Expedition Team due to to the hazardous fumes.)

Day One: The party set off westwards towards the rumoured location of Eden Prairie. Much of the intervening terrain was unexplored, and by the end of the day the party was stymied by swamps blocking their intended path. They camped in the nearby hills, in a ruined building that provided some cover for their vehicle.

Day Two: The following day, they crossed the swamp on foot (leaving the ATV behind) and in the plains beyond discovered the remains of an Ancient pipeline, running north-south. Originally buried, portions of the pipeline had been exposed by erosion and it was large enough (about four feet diameter) that the PCs decided to use an open and exposed length of pipe as a secure camp for the evening.

Day Three: On the third morning, Sawney noted dark clouds swiftly approaching. Not wishing to be caught in a rad-storm, the party followed the pipeline south and found an abandoned pump station at the foot of the nearby mountains to provide cover. They also discovered that the pipeline apparently passed beneath the mountains, and was in apparently empty and in good repair.

Trapped by the storm outside, the party made the bold decision to enter the pipeline and explore southwards.

The group crawled through the pipeline for many hours, finally reaching an exposed outcrop on the south side of the mountains where the pipeline had broken. There, they dealt with a nest of cranium rats who had claimed the pipeline as their warren.

Sawney kind of freaked out the rest of the party by keeping several cranium rat bodies as ‘specimens’ (and emergency rations).

Day Four: The party explored the area south of the mountains, discovering a mountain cabin guarded by mutant humanoids. The group decided to avoid an encounter with them, being able to make out the “GO AWAY!” shouted from a distance. Instead, the PCs traveled northeast, towards Eden Prarie, and reached the outskirts of a vast cactus forest by nightfall.

Day Five: A sudden drop in temperature and ominous clouds warned the party of yet another impending storm, and they sought cover from a freak blizzard in the cactus forest. Once it passed, they marched north through the badlands, discovering a mysterious pit on the far side which provided an unusual campsite for the evening.

Day Six: The PCs spent the following morning searching the rolling plains for Eden Praire. They had an interesting encounter with a mutant goat, and Sawney got a neat trophy head. After the encounter, the group found a vault entrance set into a nearby hill. Cracked slightly open, it invited the PCs to explore its depths… but the hour was late and we decided to call it done.

Experience and Loot

Since both players have been kind enough to play in a number of my previous games, I allowed carryover of XP. In this session, they got 650 XP for the cranium rat encounter and 300 XP for the night goat. I awarded 200 XP for the discovery of the pipeline ‘shortcut’ through the mountains and 500 XP for finding an open vault entrance at Eden Prairie. They also got 100 XP for avoiding dangerous storms and 100 XP for avoiding combat with the mutant mountain men. This adds up to 1,750 XP total, or about 480 XP each (with the 10% pure-strain bonus). I’ll add another 20 XP each for map exploration to bring the total to 500 XP per PC.

Not much loot this session. Steckel got the fuel at the start of the game, and the group discovered a language translator hidden in the pump house, but its power cells were dead. Mariah left her heavy pipe in the pump house before entering the pipeline and has replaced it with a light pipe.

The map below depicts the terrain as currently known to the PCs and shows the party’s current location:

2 Responses to “Session Report – In Search of Eden Prairie”

  1. How did you make that map? it looks wonderful!

  2. Hexographer, from Inkwell Ideas. You can use the online version for free to try it out, but I bought the full version since it's so useful.

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