Session Report – The Eden Prairie Vault

Last week we had another Play-by-Skype session, continuing our adventure from the previous game. Once again, there were two players (Dr. Intensity and Kevin) and four PCs (Steckel & Mad Mariah; and Sawney & Jest).

When we last left the party, they were standing outside an open vault entrance – one of several rumoured to lead into the Eden Prairie Vault Complex. We picked up this adventure as the group ventured inside.

Read on for the session report…

I was most pleased when the first roll of the game was a ‘1’, indicating that the party’s trusty flashlight was out of power. Switching to crude torches instead, the group examined the crudely-drawn graffiti in the stairwell down. Luckily, the inner vault door at the bottom was also cracked open.

The first chamber was a supply area of some sort, completely stripped of anything useful. Even the electrical receptacles and lighting was completely stripped. The vault was strangely familiar, as many of the details (the wall tiles and flooring, for example) were of identical manufacture to Tau.

The next room was a common area with several (destroyed) computer terminals and a large conference table. The layer of dust on the ground here indicated that it hadn’t been disturbed in quite some time. Again, everything of obvious value was looted, but the PCs managed to scavenge a few electrical parts from the ruined terminals.

Exploring further, the party found the shelter’s sleeping quarters – six small rooms equipped with bunk beds plus a common washroom. The now-familiar pattern of all electrical components stripped bare continued here.

Opening the last unexplored door (from the common room) revealed a chamber that resembled a combination kitchen / clinic. There were cabinets and a sink (far too small to contain many supplies), plus an odd ‘inspection table’ with a pair bare electrical receptacles overhead.

Confused (and somewhat annoyed) at this point by the lack of anything, the PCs started mucking about with the vault. Eventually, Steckel decided to reconnect the bare wire leads above the inspection table with some spare electrical cable. This resulted in an enormous ‘ZAP!’, and triggered a response from deeper within the vault…

The party continued to explore the shelter, and were caught by surprise when a secret doorway opened from the kitchen/clinic and a hovering service bot appeared. There were some attempts at parley, and the bot made several scans of the party members. I don’t quite recall the details of what happened next; one of the PCs tried to sneak into the ‘secret’ area, some more droids were summoned, and suddenly there was a big scuffle. (Luckily, the ‘security’ bots were barely three feet tall and set their beams to ‘stun’.)

The group managed to push the robots back through the secret entrance and found that there were a series of small tunnels that appeared to run maze-like from the vault. The PCs could see several of the small humanoid droids waiting at intersections within the tunnels, and decided that it would be too dangerous to explore them further.

Instead, the group decided that survival was the better part of valour and returned to the surface, hauling the remains of two bots. They reported back to Tau, and Expedition Control agreed that a larger search party with better equipment was warranted. The PCs explored the surface for a while (finding several more vault entrances), camped for the night, and then started back home.

Trekking through the night to reach their damnation van more quickly, Sawney managed to spot a nest of giant mutant centipedes before they could impede the party. Otherwise, the journey home was uneventful. Unfortunately, the technicians in Tau were unable to repair the droids and provide the party with robotic henchmen.

Experience and Loot

The party gained 650 XP total from combat with the robots. Steckel gets 100 XP for messing with the wires in the vault. Sawney gets 150 XP for helping the party avoid the centipedes. I’ll add another 20 XP each for bringing back the bots and a few electrical parts. (You would have gotten awesome XP if you had managed to fix up a droid!) That will mean 200 XP for Mariah and Jest, 300 XP for Steckel, and 350 XP for Sawney.

Again, not much loot. This was the ’empty’ vault, though, and the other shelters may contain much more…

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