Core Rules Download

UPDATE 04-Jun-11: Instead of constantly reposting this, I’ve moved the latest downloads to the sidebar (at right). Links in this post may be outdated.

In the tradition of “Searchers of the Unknown“, here is my take on a minimalist post-apocalyptic RPG, entitled “Tempora Mutantur”:

…and here is a double-sided version of the Core Rules bundled with a sample campaign background:

Once you’ve read the Core Rules, check out the supplements.

Tempora Mutantur uses Simon J. Bull’s “SotU Refired” as a basis, which was itself inspired by Nicolas Dessaux’s original “Searchers of the Unknown“.

2 Responses to “Core Rules Download”

  1. I like the future toxicant being called The Creep, like an informal blight. How about a "danger chart" with observable clues? Potent creep might be "black swirls and a sulfuric smell" or such.

  2. The name is swiped from 'Redline', a post-apoc d20 supplement from Horizon games.In playtest, I have typically allowed a Lore check to detect the presence of Creep before a dangerous level of exposure occurs. As written, there are no 'degrees' of Creep, except for the level of damage associated with the it.

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