‘Experienced’ Characters

I am currently getting in touch with folks who were part of my older games. I am planning on rewarding/bribing players who have stuck with me through previous campaigns by transfering existing XP into Tempora Mutantur.

I will use the following conversion rates:

Such ‘experienced’ characters are assumed to be members of previous Surface Expedition Teams who have signed up for a second ‘tour of duty’. Since I plan on recycling some previous adventure locations in this campaign, your knowledge from previous games may be an asset. (Though note that I will make significant revisions to reflect the nature of Tempora Mutantur.)

Players can choose to split this XP between multiple characters, or lump it all into a single PC. Experienced PCs add +1 piece of equipment per rank (including 1st). Characters who start above rank 1 may have pre-existing Creep contamination; roll rank – 1d4 to determine contamination level. Alternatively, if you wish the character may start with contamination equal to his rank. (Reroll any disfiguring mutations – you must be pure-strain or near-human.)

2 Responses to “‘Experienced’ Characters”

  1. Woohoo we're doing another one? I completely forgot about these and how much fun they were! Count me and Xel' in!

  2. Good to hear from you again. The setting is different than the Play-by-Skype I did a year ago, but the concept is similar. Check out the Core Rules and look around this gameblog.You would have 625 XP to start and an extra starting item for each PC.

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