Dungeon Crawl

Once again, I am momentarily distracted by a computer game. This time, it’s Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, a roguelike that’s a lot more accessible than others that I’ve tried in the past.

(BTW: Does anyone know of any ‘casual’ roguelikes they would recommend? I’m all for epic megadungeons, but would like something that I can actually finish in a reasonable amount of time.)

I’ve gotten e-mails from folks who are interested in Tempora Mutantur and still intend to run a Play-by-Skype once we have enough PCs. So if you want to play, comment here with a character or two!

3 Responses to “Dungeon Crawl”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup looks really promising, and I will try it soon.By the way, do you recommend playing it in the ASCII mode, or in the tile mode?

  2. I play tile.

  3. Ah – Dungeon Crawl provides it's own version of 'casual' mode, called 'sprint dungeon'. It's not really 'casual' – it's actually a condensed, intensified version of the standard crawl. But it allows for a short play without the epic megadungeon.

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