Magic March over at Mutants & Magic

I have another WordPress blog, called Mutants & Magic. It covers a wahoo ‘kitchen sink’ D&D retroclone with post-apocalyptic aspects. For the month of March, I’ve decided to document a bunch of my house rules related to magic and spellcasters. A lot of these have been kicking around in my notebooks and random textfiles for years, but I’ve never brought them all together and edited them into something coherent.

The first series of posts (already published) deal with wizard subtypes and sorcerer variants, mostly inspired from HackMaster. Next, I’ll tackle old-school variants of pact magic and the binder class from the closing days of D&D 3e. Finally, I intend to look at adapting wards and circle magic from the Palladium FRPG.

If it’s something you might be interested, head on over:

As always, feel free to add any comments or suggestions.

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