Session Report – East to Eden

Last night I ran a Skype session featuring the continuing exploration of the Eden Prairie Vault Complex. In this game there were two players (Moses and Jon) and four PCs (Bart & Mad Mariah; and Jerome & Gunnar the Bold). (One NPC was also present for parts of the adventure, to care for the damnation van.)

Read on for the session report…

We roleplayed the overland travel between Crestone and Eden. Boarding the damnation minivan, the party drove east until forest and swamp blocked their way. They found the ruined building which had provided cover to the previous expedition, which Bart promptly christened “Fort Bart”.

That evening, a green glowing creature was spotted flying above the hills. The party wisely chose not to draw attention to themselves, and the monster passed by without noticing the group.

The following morning, a large storm blew in and the group decided to remain at Fort Bart until it passed. By the time the weather cleared and the party set out, it was mid-afternoon. (The damnation minivan was left behind, along with Lucas the NPC.)

While travelling through the forest, Gunnar spotted a pair of unusual moving plants ahead. Deciding that caution is for the weak, Gunnar nearly attacked the creatures outright before being convinced to back down by his allies. Still, a battle ensued where Gunnar was nearly gnawed to pieces before the party was able to put down one of the plants and move on.

The party set up camp on the other side of the forest. That evening, they heard the howls of creatures in the distance. Like the previous night, the group chose remained hidden and so avoided an encounter.

The following day, the group reached the Eden Prairie Vault Complex. They decided to enter the same entrance which had been explored before. The abandoned vault was much as it was when the previous party left, with the exception of a newly-installed sensor pod on the ceiling of the Recreational Area!

Jerome successfully disconnected the sensor pod from the ceiling without damaging it, but the central computer was already aware of the group’s presence here. Eventually, the doorway leading to the Emergency Tunnel opened up – revealing a floating service droid and a bulky humanoid bot!

The group remained calm and peaceful (Gunnar was busy exploring other rooms) and allowed the droid to scan them. Bart did some quick talking, and Jerome used his holovid projector with a Habicorb promo video to convince the robots that they were “undercover agents” from the Tau vault prospecting for construction supplies.

By then Gunnar had arrived, and when the droid scanned him (and his firearm), he was ordered to turn over the weapon or leave. The party convinced Gunnar to leave (at least out of sensor range). At this time, the droid declared Mariah to be “contaminated” and requiring treatment. She was instructed to follow the robots into the Emergency Tunnels, and Jerome convinced them to allow him to come as well. (Bart and Gunnar remained in the vault itself.)

Mariah and Jerome were led through a maze of service tunnels to the Operation Centre. In the Medical Station, there were three regeneration tanks. One contained an incredibly old man, apparently in hibernation! Mariah was instructed to disrobe and climb into another tank for decontamination – which was estimated to require three weeks.

Mariah and Jerome chose this moment to flee. Mariah was stunned for a moment by the humanoid bot, but managed to regain her senses and escape. She and Jerome raced through the tunnels, pursued by the floating service droid, trying to find their way back.

Just before reaching the Vault Module, they were intercepted by a second service droid. A fierce combat ensued. In the end, one of the droids was destroyed and the other was captured undamaged! Led by the sounds of battle, Bart and Gunnar found their companions, and the group decided to flee the complex.

The return journey was relatively uneventful – though the struggling service droid did slow them down somewhat. The group returned to Fort Bart, then drove back to Crestone (and from there, Tau).

Experience and Loot

The party gained 750 XP total from combat with giant flytraps and vault robots. I’m also giving 170 XP for avoiding some nasty encounters. Jerome gets 100 XP for getting the sensor pod and using the holovid creatively. Bart gets 100 XP for his fast-talking of the robots.

In terms of loot, the sensor pod nets the group 100 XP and 100 TU. The damaged service droid is worth 125 XP and 125 TU, while the working one is 500 XP and 500 TU!

The net total (including +10% bonus) is 450 XP for Gunnar and Mariah, and 550 XP for Jerome and Bart.

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