The Tau Storeroom

UPDATE 16-May-11: Contents have been updated to reflect the outcome of the East to Eden session. Lots of TU available to outfit a new expedition!

One key element of my Tempora Mutantur campaign is the ‘Tau Storeroom’. This is where PCs can exchange swag scavenged in the wastes for Experience and Trade Units. Characters can of course choose to keep any of the relics they find, but then do not receive XP or TU. Items turned over to the storeroom remain available for future expeditions, but must be repurchased – and the cost to buy back is higher than the original compensation given. In addition, characters receive reduced reward for items that are broken or not yet identified (all relics automatically identified once sold to the storeroom).

Because the primary mission objective of Scavengers is to return spare parts to keep Tau running, increased experience is provided for mechanical and electronic parts. This is intended to be a key source of XP for character advancement.

Current Contents

Here is a link to the current contents of the Tau Storeroom:

Details & Examples

The current exchange rates are as follows:

  • For each mechanical or electronic part, the party receives 10 XP and 1 TU.
  • An identified relic in working order provides the party with XP equal to ½ its base value and TU equal to ½ its base value.
  • If the relic has not been identified, the XP and TU rewards are reduced by one-half. Any unidentified item turned over to the storeroom is automatically identified by the elders of Tau.
  • Similarly, if the relic is broken, the XP and TU rewards are reduced by one-half. (This is cumulative with the ‘unidentified’ penalty.)

Once the item is in the storeroom, it can be repaired or repurchased at the following rates:

  • A broken relic can be repaired for ½ its base value. (It’s still in the storeroom, however – you have to repurchase it if you want to use it!)
  • An item can be repurchased from the storeroom at 2× its base value. (If it’s broken, reduce this by one-half. But if you just paid to have it fixed, you’ve just doubled its repurchase price!)

Take, for example, a power cell charger (Gizmo #11 from the Relics supplement). A working charger has a value of 200 TU. If turned into the storeroom, it will net the party 100 TU and 100 XP – unless they were unable to identify it first, in which case it’s only worth 50 TU and 50 XP. The PCs can repurchase the charger from the storeroom, but at an inflated cost of 400 TU.

Now say that the charger was broken. It can be sold for 50 TU / 50 XP (or 25 TU / 25 XP if not identified first). Once in the storeroom, the party can pay 100 TU to have the item repaired, then another 400 TU to repurchase the item. This method is a reliable, if expensive, way to repair any item.

I keep a running total of the TU earned in the Tau Storeroom by the Surface Expedition Teams. I also have a list of ‘starter’ equipment that is available for purchase. As Scavengers return with loot, new items are added. And as they spend TU, other items are removed. The next time I start a new group in a Tempora Mutantur campaign, I intend to take the storeroom inventory from the previous campaign and continue from there.

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  1. I am still playing with Google Docs; the Tau Storeroom Contents is my first test of Google Spreadsheets. Kind of nifty, no?

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