Tempora Mutantur Downloads

UPDATE 04-Jun-11: Instead of constantly reposting this, I’ve moved the latest downloads to the sidebar (at right). Links in this post may be outdated.

Here are links to the player rules for Tempora Mutantur, the minimalist one-page post-apocalyptic RPG:

Here are the referee supplements:

And finally, here is are two subterranean adventures locations adapted from the sample adventures in Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future from Goblinoid Games:

You can also go straight to the Tempora Mutantur folder in Google Docs. Feedback is welcome!

9 Responses to “Tempora Mutantur Downloads”

  1. I started the “Humanoid Encounters” supplement in early March, but have been taking a gaming hiatus since then. When the whim strikes, I will finish it up. In the meantime, check out the tables from Gamma World 1st ed.

  2. I have finally posted a draft of the "Humanoid Encounters" supplement. There's enough space left on the page for me to add an additional rule, but I haven't quite decided what to include.

  3. I have added a rule about humanoids and relics to the "Humanoid Encounters" supplement. There's still a bit of room for something else on the page, though… Maybe something about settlements?

  4. I have added direct links (at the bottom of the post) for those of you without Scribd accounts.

  5. I have made some minor revisions to these documents (mostly formatting). Both the Scribd versions and the direct downloads should be current as of now.

  6. I am now using Google Docs to host Tempora Mutantur files. The links have all been updated accordingly (with minor revisions to some files).

  7. I have been reading your Scorched Earth and Tempora Mutantur pages with avid interest, as I am also a minimalist. I was wondering if you have any problems with me using your docs as the starting point for my own homebrew minimalist game?

  8. No problem – go right ahead. Let me know what you find useful and what doesn't work so well.

  9. I have just uploaded some minor revisions to the 'Final' rule supplements, mostly replacing material which appeared in multiple documents (Mutations and Race, Evasion & Pursuit) with some new text (Mutational Evolution, Medical Incompatibility).Yay! Google Docs finally supports uploading of document revisions!

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