Metal God Pics – Ripper, ROM, and Runner

Here are three pictures swiped from “EarthAD.2“, by Precis Intermedia Games. They are the inspiration for my Tempora Mutantur supplement, Children of the Metal Gods, although I changed the backstory to fit with my campaign.

Robotic-Implanted Humans (aka Rippers) are pure-strain human brains transplanted into a robotic body. A Ripper’s mechanical frame is self-sufficient, providing nourishment to the implanted brain.

Over many generations, the Children have come to view Robot-Implanted Humans as ‘Metal Gods’, and the Rippers increasingly share this opinion.

Near-humans who are unlucky enough to be captured by the Metal Gods undergo cybernetic augmentation and are transformed into Radio-Operated Mutants (or ROMs).

Among other augmentations, ROMs are fitted with radio-control units that allow the Metal Gods to control their every movement from great distances.

Although the Rippers still consider themselves ‘human’, they tend to look down upon their pure-strain ‘Children’. The Children of the Metal Gods are generally treated well, but their lives are completely controlled by their Ripper masters.

Some Children – known as Runners – may attempt to gain freedom from tyrannical Ripper rule by escaping from the Metal Gods.

Here’s a special format download combining both the ‘Children of the Metal Gods’ Referee supplement and the ‘Mine of the Metal Gods’ adventure location:

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