Skype Session – Sat Jul 2nd

(These are game notes and resources for the July 2nd Play-by-Skype session that I haven’t organized yet.)

Bart Powell

Bartholomew Powell (Moses). Human Thinker 2 (1865 XP, +10% bonus), AC 5 (used tires & chain), MV 9″, HD 2d6+2 (hp 11), prybar, (med melee Atk +1, 1d8), heavy crossbow (hvy ranged Atk +1, 1d8), or large knife (lt melee Atk +1, 1d6 or lt ranged Atk +1, 1d4). Creep: None. Quirk: Biologist (+2 bonus to Lore checks related to living creatures, -2 penalty to all other Lore checks). Backpack and purse (see below for contents). Nicknamed ‘Packrat’ Powell, Bart is viewed as something of a hoarder by his comrades.

Bart carries a large women’s purse made of hemp. The purse has one strap and is the kind you see young kids with, ’cause it can hold everything but a sink. Between his backpack and purse, Bart carries 2 canteens, slim-jim (yes the car kind), pocket knife, sharping stone, flint and steel, small metal pot, chop sticks, rope, toe nail clippers, tweezers, clean rags (lots), 2 rolls of string, folding yard stick, bottle of rubbing alcohol, a book on the repair of spinning wheels and looms, sample containers (several), magnifying glass, surgical masks, rubber gloves, a communicator (with power cell), first aid kit (4 uses remaining), ready-syringe (antitox shot, rad-purge shot), and a geiger counter (with power cell).

Xavier Hollis

Xavier Hollis (Moses). Human Enforcer 1 (715 XP, +10% bonus), AC 7/DR 1 (flak jacket), MV 12″, HD 1d10+2 (hp 12), rifle, (med ranged Atk +1, 1d10), mace (med melee Atk +1, 1d8), or spear (med melee Atk +1, 1d6 or med ranged Atk +1, 1d6). Creep: None. Backpack (see below for contents). A skilled marksman, Xavier is nicknamed ‘Einstein’ because of his intelligence and skill at reloading spent ammo.

Xavier’s gear includes scratched binoculars, sketch book and pencils, a small tool set (pliers, screw drivers, wire cutters, small hammer, chisel, punch, adjustable wrench), 100′ nylon rope, strap-on boot spikes, good work gloves, can of WD40, spool of wire, foam mat, sleeping bag, small 1 man tent (minor wear & tear), flint & steel, mirror, firearm ammo (2), and a first aid kit (1 use remaining).

Mad Mariah

Mad Mariah (Dr. Intensity). Human Enforcer 3 (3260 XP, +10% bonus), AC 5/DR 1 (coin mail + fabristeel jumpsuit), MV 9″, HD 3d10+2 (hp 19), sledgehammer (hvy melee Atk +3, 1d10), or metal pipe (lt melee Atk +3, 1d6 or lt ranged +3, 1d4), or rocks (lt ranged Atk +3, 1d4). Creep: Mild. Rad tab (broken). Meriah has a temper and her tantrums usually involve rock-throwing.


Steckel (Dr. Intensity). Human Thinker 2 (2490 XP, +10% bonus), AC 7 (carpet strips), MV 12″, HD 2d6+2 (hp 8), ballpeen hammer (lt melee Atk +1, 1d6 or lt ranged +1, 1d4), or slingshot (lt ranged Atk +1, 1d4). Creep: Mild. Flashlight (with power cell), language translator (no power cell), rad tab (broken), 13 electronic parts. Steckel really believes that he is special and will one day do something amazing.


Jerome Lemner (Jon). Human Thinker 2 (1000 XP, +10% bonus), AC 5 (tire tread armour), MV 9″, HD 2d6+2 (hp 9), scrap metal knife (lt melee +1, 1d6 or lt ranged +1, 1d4), slingshot (lt ranged Atk +1, 1d4). Creep: None. Portable hologram projector (1 holovid), flashlight (with power cell), ready-syringe (empty), rad tab. Son of the curator, eager to learn about the Ancients.

One Response to “Skype Session – Sat Jul 2nd”

  1. Awesome! 🙂 Are you recording the sessions? Would be quite fun to listen to.

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