Bart’s Diary – July Session

(The following entry is taken directly from the diary of Bartholemew Powell. It serves as a Session Log for the last two Play-by-Skype sessions to Eden Prairie and environs.)

Hi, I’m Bartholomew Powell and this is my log/diary. I am unsure how often I will be able to make entries nor if they will be in order, but I thought for any future Tau explorers that this might help them. Assuming that the elders allow them to read it.

The other day the party (myself, Jerome Lemner, Steckel [no other name], Mad Mariah [so named because she has temper tantrums] and my good friend Xavier Hollis) went to the Eden Prairie vault both to search for valuable items, but also to try and establish positive contacts with the inhabitants of the vault. I can not say we succeeded, but we did kill a lot of cockroaches; giant, mutated, cockroaches. And no one threw-up, though I am sure I am not the only one who gave it serious thought.

Along with killing disgusting insects we also found some decent treasure. One of the things we found was a brand new company armored jumpsuit. This should help us with the robots that we will have to deal with in the complex.

We have discovered five different doors into the vault of which we have been able to access two so far. It is my hope that we can convince the robots that we are friendly and perhaps even their bosses. If we are able to do that I think this complex could accommodate some (20-30) people from the Tau complex. This would ease some of the stress on Tau and give everyone a better chance of survival and rebuilding. This vault has things that are not easily moved if able to be moved at all without destroying them. Destroying this place is in nobodies best interest, though I acknowledge that there might be factions that would want to. While it might take time to discover exactly how to work everything and how long they can keep working, etc, but this looks promising.

One of the major problems is going to be keeping other scavengers from scavenging this place to uselessness. I am thinking that both scavengers and the Elders need to think long term and strategically. If Tau can send people to live there it can only help everyone in the long run. If we can find a way to counter/protect ourselves from the creep….
I digress, this is about our latest adventure.

We had to cross some desert to reach our goal and in doing so we found the foundations to a building, possibly a old farm house. It is buried under a few feet of sand and we did not have the proper equipment to excavate, so this is going to be a future job. Who knows what we might find buried there.

We saw a Glowing man in the forest. We were walking through and decided since we were in no particular hurry we could just sit down and watch the wildlife for a bit. After a while this glowing man walked by, needless to say we stayed VARY quite. A day or so later as we were returning to Ft. Bart we again saw him. Neither time do we think he saw us. We also discovered that he is, at least to some extent, radioactive. As we were returning we discovered another area contaminated by creep.

Speaking of Ft. Bart; it is coming along fine. I and Xavier are staying to see to the repairs that are needed. We have gotten cots for people to sleep on and plastic to cover the hole in the roof. That will eventually need to be covered by wood but for now the plastic is doing fine. I have also gotten sheets to divide space so that there can be some privacy for those wishing to sleep. Some of the swag that we found at the complex will come in vary handy for keeping the fort going, for example we have a way to purify water now. There are many things that need to be done to make the fort secure from casual attack, but it is a safe way station.

I am also going to be able to pay much closer attention to my plants that I am trying to grow. I have a baby Venus Flytrap and am trying to grow some exploding flowers. The flower I am hoping to grow and form a barrier to help deter intruders. The Flytrap is just kinda cool, though VARY dangerous. They can move, stretch to attack and spit acid. Did I mention they can grow large enough to eat a grown man?

We have discovered unmutated chickens. I want to try and raise some at the fort. They could go a long way towards making Ft. Bart a successful endeavor. I am also going to try and start a green house. Again the more we can be selfsuficant the better. However keeping creep out is going to be a challenge. We have not had to deal with rad storms for a week or so. Vary good too.

Must go now, hope the Elders let the public read this.

5 Responses to “Bart’s Diary – July Session”

  1. Thanks for providing the summary, Moses. I’ll determine how much bonus XP this nets Bart when I update the character stats.

  2. Okay, I’ve gone over my scrawled notes. It looks like each PC earned 700 XP from combat, plus there was some loot gained (which I will distribute between the PCs). I’ll give another 50 XP to each character for “story awards”, plus an additional 150 XP to Bart for the write-up.

    That means with the +10% pure-strain bonus, that results in 990 XP for Bart and 825 XP for Jerome, Steckel, and Mariah.

  3. Moses Says:

    I had forgotten that I had sent in a log up date. How dose it give with your log up date?
    When do we get to play again? Soon-er pleeeeassse?????? It has been over 2mths, I’m dieing.
    I am thinking that we need to go back to Edan and keep searching. We have whats-his-name in a company suit, that should help with the robots.
    I am guessing that just because it has been 2+mths since we gamed that dose not mean that 2+mths have passed in game time.
    Where is Bart’s log posted?

  4. Moses Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA ok if I scrool UP(!) I will find it. LOL

  5. Yeah; I think I’ll compress the past two or three months of “real life” into two or three weeks of “game time”.

    I’d like to have another session soon. I’d like to try Google+; I think it will work better than Skype for gaming. It would be nice to get some other new players as well.

    I’ve posted info at:

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