House Rules – Fixed Hit Points

One detail about the minimalist rules for Tempora Mutantur is that characters can be created without rolling any dice. There are no attributes to roll, PCs start with maximum hit points at Rank 1, and equipment is selected instead of purchased. Once a PC gains experience, however, he rolls for hit points at each new rank. (To be precise, a PC rolls all HD at each additional rank, ignoring the new result if it is lower than the previous value.)

Some players and referees may not like this degree of randomness, so this post introduces two fixed hp rules variants for Player Characters.

Option 1 – Fixed Hit Points for All PCs

In this option, all PCs gain fixed hit points as they advance in rank. Characters never roll for hp, and the only random rolls that will directly affect a PC’s stats are for mutations. Refer to the table below for hit points by class and rank. Remember to add +2 hp for pure-strain humans.

Fixed Hit Point Progression *

 Rank  XP Enforcer Scout Thinker
1 0 10 hp 8 hp 6 hp
2 1,000 15 hp 12 hp 9 hp
3 3,000 20 hp 16 hp 12 hp
4 6,000 25 hp 20 hp 15 hp
5 10,000 30 hp 24 hp 18 hp
6 15,000 35 hp 28 hp 21 hp

* Pure-strain humans gain +2 bonus hit points.

Option 2 – Fixed Hit Points for Pure-Strains

In this option, only pure-strain humans receive fixed hit points (using the table shown above), while near-humans and mutants must roll at each rank. (Don’t reroll as soon as the PC gains a mutation, wait until he gains a rank then reroll all HP as per the Core Rules.)

For added complexity, you could even use the modified HP progression shown below for near-humans, with fixed hp for pure-strains, and the ‘standard’ HD progression for mutants.

Alternate Near-Human HP Progression

 Rank  XP Enforcer Scout Thinker
1 0 1d8+1 1d6+1 1d4+1
2 1,000 2d8+2 2d6+2 2d4+2
3 3,000 3d8+3 3d6+3 3d4+3
4 6,000 4d8+4 4d6+4 4d4+4
5 10,000 5d8+5 5d6+5 5d4+5
6 15,000 6d8+6 6d6+6 6d4+6

7 Responses to “House Rules – Fixed Hit Points”

  1. Any opinions on this alternate house rule?

    Just for completeness sake, here is the table for mutant hit points (which also corresponds to the default HD for all PCs from the Core Rules):

    Mutant HP Progression

     Rank  XP Enforcer Scout Thinker
    1 0 1d10 1d8 1d6
    2 1,000 2d10 2d8 2d6
    3 3,000 3d10 3d8 3d6
    4 6,000 4d10 4d8 4d6
    5 10,000 5d10 5d8 5d6
    6 15,000 6d10 6d8 6d6

  2. Moses Says:

    No more Scouts or are the classes listed for a different game?

  3. Whoops; it’s been fixed now.

  4. I’m going to go ahead and apply this house rules to all the PCs who have recently levelled – in all cases, it will lead to increased hit points and will speed up the start of our next game session.

  5. Here’s one edge case I’ve found with these rules… If a Rank 1 pure-strain suffers Creep contamination and becomes a Near-Human, the alternate hp progression would penalize the character by 1 hit point.

    For example, take a pure-strain enforcer with 10+2 = 12 hp. If he becomes a near-human, the alternate progression would suggest a maximum of 1d8+1 = 9 hp. I believe the character should lose the +2 bonus pure-strain hp (going from 12 hp down to 10 hp), but wouldn’t have to re-roll until he gained another rank.

    The “don’t reroll hp until you gain a new rank” rule supersedes here, but you still lose the +2 pure-strain bonus hit points. This case affects a few of the current characters; I’m adjusting their hp to compensate.

  6. Moses Says:

    I am kinda confused, are you saying that if at 3rd level Bart get mutated he has to re-roll ALL of his hit points then? What if his re-roll of hit points cause him to die? Or are you saying that when he goses to advance he strts doing his hit points the new at THAT point? Also why do you allow near-humans to get hit points in a different fashion than mutants? If I understand you correctly (the rules) mutants are only considered ‘mutants’ if they suffer from or have a mutation that is visible. This seams kinda unfair; you said that Dogface(??) got the “desirable mutation” of ultravision, while lead lined jacket wearing dude got environmental sensitivity, neither one of which should be noticeable but being a dwarf or having a flipper arm will get you labeled a mutant? It seams to me that if you are a mutant you are a mutant, or if you accumulate a major perk/flaw then you suffer all the same not if it is noticeable or not.

  7. The core rule is “reroll and take best result when you gain a new rank”. So if Bart became a mutant without gaining a rank, he would lose his +2 bonus hp for being a pure-strain, and end up with 12 hp.

    When he gained 4th rank he would need to roll 4d6 for hit points. If the result was higher than 12 hp then you would get the new number. If you rolled less than 12 hp, you could keep the “old” number.

    With the “fixed hit point” house rule, pure-strain humans never have to roll for hit points. Mutants still have very random hit points (rolling their full HD each rank). Near-humans are sort of in-between.

    Mutations are not necessarily “fair”. If you look like a freak you are considered a mutant, and it means your physical deformities may affect your hit points. Boogatti and Professor Dogface are still “near-human”. They don’t look mutated, but they have perks or flaws which distinguish them from pure-strains.

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