Bart’s Diary – September Session

Last night I ran a session featuring the continuing exploration of the Eden Prairie Vault Complex. In this game there were three players and six PCs (Moses with Bart and Xavier, Ian with Steckel and Mariah, and Kevin with Sawney and Jest).

We used Skype and Twiddla (instead of Google+, as originally planned). Gameplay started off with the PCs right at the adventure site (the overland trip to the vault was assumed to be uneventful).

Bart’s Diary entry (below) will serve as the session log for this adventure. XP awards and referee notes from me will be added as comments.

Hello this is Bartholomew Powell again and I am updating my log while things are a bit slow.

Well six of us (myself and Xavier, Steckel and Mad Mariah, Jest and Sawney) have ventured back to Eden Prairie vault and we decided to enter through vault door #1. This is the same door that myself and my last party went through on our last excursion. The same part of the complex that was infested with giant cockroaches. Upon our return we had to deal with a few of the disgusting things that had taken up residence in the place again, but they were easily dealt with. Mariah did sustain a nasty bite to her leg though.

After we had killed the roaches we found a body that was incubating roach eggs, this body was new to this section. It would appear that the roaches are getting smarter. The outer vault door had been opened while we were gone (by the roaches we believe) and they had managed to drag/lure a humanoid to its death. I performed an autopsy and Xavier took detailed drawings of the person, please see attached notes and sketches. We also discovered the carcass of a giant rat like creature.

We decided that we wished to explore further into the vault, both for loot and to see if we could make contact with those in charge. So to do that I was able to jimmy open the door, unfortunately this caused the robots to be alerted to our presence and they came to escort us to the control room. Steckel attempted to bluff them by saying that he was a former board member, but I do not think that worked.

We (I think this is true) are trying to befriend the leaders of Eden Prairie as opposed to robbing it and fighting it. This could be a tremendous help in keeping genetically pure humans from going extinct.

(Steckel bears an uncanny resemblance to a member of the Habicorp Board of Directors. He explained away the anomalous biometric readings as “mutagenic damage” and agreed to receive treatment in the Eden Prairie Medical Station.)

(The Central Computer estimated that it would take four days for the treatment, providing some time for the other PCs to explore the surrounding wilderness.)

Well it has been a few days and we have explored the some of the region surrounding Eden. We think we have a good idea of the layout of Eden and it appears that it was not completely finished being built. There are to massive holes in the ground that appear to be where two more modules where to be put.

In our explorations we discovered about 18mi more of desert and another rad zone (see map). We also discovered the remains of a road way south of Eden and what might be the ruins of a small village. We also discovered a living OGRE.

After observing the monster for a bit of time we decided to approach it and see what we might learn or scavenge from it. We could see that there were what appeared to be hand prints on the front bumper(?) and as we approached we learned that it was still active (alive?) when it pointed some of its weapons at us and talked via radio to Xavier who happened to have the communicator.

Sawney snuck up on the creature and placed his hand upon the beast and left proof of this via a muddy hand print. As Xavier talked we learned that it can not easily kill civilians, it was with the North American Combine faction and that it last mission was riot control. It was heavily damaged and was stuck in the ground, almost up to its main body. The treads were shredded, what we could see of them, and its body was pocked marked with battle damage. Nothing that Tau has or that has been discovered could damage this creature. It is fortunate that it is out of ammo or it would have started shooting us I am sure. It said it was out of ammo and it lamented the fact that we were still alive. Though it also hinted that it was glad to have someone to talk to after some 100+ years of being alone. Personally I think it is lonely. But I think it is still VERY dangerous. It also wants to die. I almost forgot Xavier and myself claimed up on the OGRE to see if we might be able to take home the top sensor dome, alas not.

As we were scavenging the ruins near the OGRE, Sawney found a broken hand gun with ammo. Xavier was able to fix the weapon so that will save Sawney having to pay Tau to fix it. I found a E-clip, however I am not sure if it is charged or not as nothing that any of us carry uses E-clips.

Finally I should note that our recent communications with Tau have been odd. It appears that either they no longer trust us or that they think their communications are being monitored. They want us to talk as little as possible and not say where anything is or where we are for that matter. It would appear that the mysterious radio transmissions that we have been hearing about have scared them quite a bit. While I know I am not interested in going to find the source I am sure there are those who are keen on doing so.

One Response to “Bart’s Diary – September Session”

  1. Okay; I’ve added up the XP. Primary rewards are “story-based”, for peaceful dealings with the Central Computer, getting the ‘bots to clean up the Roach Hotel, and for surviving the OGRE encounter.

    Combat XP is limited to the three giant roaches (the grubs don’t count).

    Individual awards were given for the aluminum rod to the roach head, jimmying the locked door, impersonating the Member of the Board, palming the ion grenade, spying on the cyber-brain, sneaking up on the OGRE, and “counting coup” on the OGRE. Also, Bart gains a bonus for the diary write-up.

    Final XP for each PC (including the +10% bonus) is 700 XP for Bart, 550 XP for Xavier, 600 XP for Steckel, 550 XP for Mariah, 600 XP for Sawney, and 550 XP for Jest.

    I’ll update the PC stats online later today.

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