Crow’s Diary – Oct 8th Session

Last night I ran a one-on-one Skype/Twiddla session with Moses and three characters (Crow, Gunnar, and Richard the Tainted).

The group set out to determine the source of the mysterious radio transmissions.

Crow’s Diary entry (below) will serve as the session log for this adventure. XP awards and referee notes will be added as comments.

To my wise tribal elders,

I enter this my 23 diary entry since starting my walkabout. These last 3-4 days have been very educational for me – I was stupid and almost died, met some peoples that might help us survive if we can coexist peacefully, and discovered a new kind of man that is both flesh and machine.

After some 5 days walking I discovered the ruins of a town that appears to be a staging point for explorers from a underground settlement named Tau. The town is called Crestone and most of the inhabitants are people from Tau whom are sent by their elders to explore the surface and scavenge ruins for technology. However while those living in Tau appear to be mutation free if any of the scouting party become mutated they are banned from returning. It is some of these people who I encountered and went exploring with.

I teamed up with two other explorers one named Richard the Tainted and the other known as Gunnar the Bold, together we set out to explore land near the bad cities. We went north from Crestone and through a pine forest to a swamp two days travel. it was on the second day of travel that we met the mechanical man.

Richard is not, due to mutations, able to travel as fast as normal and so I went ahead to try and ensure safe passage. This was a good thing I believe as I found a large nest of centipedes looking for food and was able to lead the party around safely. We camped the night in the forest and the next day I tried, halfheartedly, to shoot down some flightless bird that scampered around the trees and on the ground. Though the foraging was very good, I must say.

The next day Gunnar took the lead for scouting. This is not important but I must ask myself about Gunnar’s name? It would seem to me that scouts are many things but not bold; it would seem to me that bold scouts are quickly dead scouts, but… It was Gunnar that spotted the machine man plowing through the swamp not the least concerned about what might be in the water or getting caught in quick sand. We all thought that it was best to let the man see us and we figured that we might be able to talk with it. I must say that at this point I thought it was a man with some armor or had been mutated, though Gunnar and Richard both felt otherwise. As soon as we emerged from the forest it changed direction and headed straight for us.

Richard (the most experienced of us) had us spread out so that if it attacked us it could only attack one of us at a time. This proved fortuitous as it charged at Gunnar. Though it was not a fast charge as it was waist deep in water, but never the less it charged. Richard, who can read minds, was able to alert Gunnar and Gunnar was able to shoot it with his rifle. Gunnar is a good shot as he killed with the one bullet. The creature immediately started to sink in the water but Gunnar and Richard went in after it and pulled it up. They then said that this creature was worth treasure to them personally and to Tau, and that it needed to be taken back to Tau. Tau needed to learn about this. Richard and Gunnar then proceeded to dismember the body of its mechanical parts. However we found that the parts were weaved throughout the upper part of the body and so we ended up taking most of the body back with us.

Richard explained to me why this was important and said that they would split the wealth with me equally, but I am not sure I followed him. I do understand that I will be getting my fair share of the loot, though I have no idea how it is decided how much is given. Oh well will hope that they are true to their word. Richard also said that this was such a important find that we needed to return to Crestone and tell Tau. Gunnar, reluctantly agreed. I decided to go along with them as while I did not understand everything I did understand that THEY thought this was the right thing to do and I supported that. Before leaving though I removed one of the legs; I knew that we would be marching through the night and if we were to run into centipedes again I thought that a leg to eat might distract them from eating us. The trip back was uneventful, and after sleeping the night in Crestone Gunnar called Tau via radio that they needed to have a van pick them up because they had something important to show Tau. After some convincing Tau sent the truck and after it started back it ran out of fuel. So we had to walk the parts there ourselves.

I stopped short of Tau so as to not cause trouble and a day later my friends returned and we started to return to Crestone. It is at this point that I almost got myself killed. I was feeling safe and stopped looking up. A flock of Vulchlings attacked, in their fashion, and since I was ahead of the pack scouting, I was the one attacked. Fortunately Gunnar and the truck driver had guns and were able to kill it before it killed me, though it was close. I need to learn from this experience if I wish to return to my tribe.

7 Responses to “Crow’s Diary – Oct 8th Session”

  1. XP was granted for scouting, combat, mapping, and (most significantly) for discovering the mechanical man and returning his bionic parts to Lau for study. Crow also gets bonus XP for the writeup.

    Crow receives a total of 1130 XP, Gunnar gets 910 XP, and Richard gets 780 XP.

    200 TU was added to the Lau Storeroom. This is a one-time bonus for the bionic parts; future cybernetics will not grant as much.

  2. When the PCs returned the remains of the mechanical man to Lau, the physicians discovered that the bionic arms were directly connected to the central nervous system, that he appeared to have undergone a partial lobotomy, and that he had implants inside his head which were still sending and receiving radio transmissions. The autopsy also revealed that the humanoid possessed several minor mutations.

    Surface Expedition Teams are advised not to return to Lau with these creatures in the future.

  3. Moses Says:

    How much are cybernetic parts normally worth? Also the elders do not want us to return the parts if we have not removed the battery that runs the radio in the head, right? As I recall that is what they told Gunner.
    Are they able to learn any more about the radio messages now that we have returned the parts that we did?
    This is out of character but I am wondering how will Crow get his share of the reward/loot? I am not sure how he would call TU, but he dose believe that he should get some reward.

  4. I haven’t worked out standard TU values for cybernetics yet (and neither have the elders of Lau).

    And yes – the transmitters are safe once the batteries are removed, but not many Scavengers will be skilled enough to do this without damaging the electronics. There might be new info from the radio transmissions in time…

    Crow will need to rely on someone from Lau bringing him a trade item as reward. What is he looking for?

  5. Moses Says:

    I suspect that he has no idea what to ask for. While he is not a simpleton, he is from the sticks and all the newfangled stuff from the big city is probably overwhelming; especially when you consider that he can not go into Lau and shop.
    I would think that who ever gets him something will consider what would be fair and what he might find most useful, he is a scout after all and while he dose not wear armor there are other things that could increase his life expectancy.
    In other words surprise me. You might recall me mentioning you running a npc? (Is that a grammatically correct sentence???) Well this would be a good time to do so, me thinks. It is probably Gunner who will do the shopping for the 3 of them and Richard is the most experienced of the group and would probably make some suggestions to Gunner on what might be the best thing to get Crow.
    Really surprise me. I know what I want Crow to have but I think that A- those things might not be fair for him to get, (ie- too expensive) and B- I do not think Crow would know about them nor grasp the significance of them. Meaning that I do not think I can pick and still stay in character doing so.
    One thing I will say about Crow is that he will insist that what he gets be a fair share. He will not be happy if he gets something that is well beyond what the rest of the party would be able to get. So if he got 50-80% he would think that is not fair. If he get 0% he will not complain but he will remember that slight. Especially considering that Richard said that he would get a fair share.
    Hope this helped.

  6. Moses Says:

    Can cyber stuff be made into robots? Or be used to fix robots?

  7. You don’t know enough about robots to be sure, but the connections don’t look the same.

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