This creature is swiped from Outland Art’s Mutant Epoch RPG.


Birds are among the most successful of post-Fall fauna. Vulchlings are a common sight over the open plains, but they can be found in other environments as well.

Normally they don’t attack large groups of healthy travellers, but will commonly prey upon solitary scouts. If these creatures outnumber potential prey three to one or better – or they discern a limping straggler, loner, or other obvious feeding opportunity – they circle lower and lower, gain numbers and bravery, and finally strike simultaneously.

Here are their game stats:

Vulchling (#Enc 1d6): HD 2d6, AC 7, MV 3″/18″, SV +2, bite (melee Atk +2, 1d6) or 2 talons (melee Atk +0/+0, 1d4/1d4), 200 XP.

I think vulchlings have been the most commonly-encountered surface creature in this campaign so far. Which means that the Mutational Evolution rules will be put to good use…

One Response to “Vulchlings”

  1. The vulchling picture and description is swiped from the “ruin vulture” entry in William McAusland’s “Mutant Epoch” game.

    You can check out this post-apocalyptic RPG at the Outland Press site:

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