October 15th Skype Session

UPDATE 18-Oct-11: Crow’s diary log has been added. The Player Characters, NPC Roster, and Campaign Map have also been updated.

I ran another one-on-one Skype/Twiddla session with Moses and three characters (Crow, Gunnar, and Richard the Tainted).

We continued with the storyline from the last Skype session, with the goal to determine the source of the mysterious radio transmissions.

Crow’s Diary entry (below) will serve as the session log for this adventure. XP awards and referee notes are appended as comments.

Well my tribe, my people, as I continue my walkabout and I grow as a man, I keep this log in the hopes that I will be able to bring it back to you and that it will help you and the younglings to survive and prosper.

Another 8-10 days have passed and I have learned more about the metalmen and more about the people from Tau. The metalmen are called Cyborgs by the elders of Tau and the elders are much afraid of those who live on the surface. They are also quite knowledgeable of the past and technology. I fear that Tau might be a danger to the tribe and so I use caution in my dealing with them. In fact I do not believe that they yet know that I have been helping the team that has been gathering information about the metalmen or cyborgs as they are know by here in Crestone. I feel this is the case as the elders are not the most hospitable of people with their own people who have been touched by the changing disease. For example Richard I have been traveling with (along with Gunnar) grew up in Tau and knows much about technology, and was given a device by the elders of Tau to help find the strange radio signals coming from. Yet he was not allowed back in the underground city and told that he needed to move farther away from the gates for his own safety. He was told by a former colleague that there were people on the council who felt the his being changed meant that he could not be trusted. This is all been told to me not just by Gunnar and Richard but others who venture from Tau. So while I have not seen this first hand too many people have told me this that I believe it to be so.

After we started our second trip to find the radio singles we had to travel through some marsh and because it was so difficult for Richard Gunnar and I decided to go farther north than we had planned to and as a consequence we got caught in a bad wind storm. This storm and the swamp added two days to our journey. I saw a new city that is named Torrington, though we did not go explore it. The three of us were focused on finding the radio signals and so we did not get sidetracked.

It was the third evening that a Porcupine cat attacked the camp, or I should say my tent. My tent was destroyed. Gunnar who was on watch managed to kill it with just 2 quick blows. I gave him the claws to show what he did. He was vary distraught that he did not see the creature before it attacked and I am sure he felt much better having killed the beast himself; he felt somewhat redeemed I think. While no one was hurt the cat did make rags out of my tent.

After this we went north to a massive city called Ember, (see map). This city is massive, it is truly the size of city that are talked about in our stories of the olden times. We did not go in to it though, we were more than a half days walk away and we could see it unaided. As we walked toward the source of the transmissions, (Richard had by this time determined their location) we decided to turn southeast. This took us through broken ground and Gunnar got sick. We then turned back west through more broken ground and found some ruins to search this turned up loot for us and Richard was able to observe the area that he felt certain was the source of the transmissions. During this time I fell through a hole and hurt my leg but found a battery of some sort. Gunnar meanwhile did not hurt himself, found lots of stuff, AND observed a group of 3 metalmen patrolling. We tried to track them but had no joy. We did however determine that there was a lot of foot traffic near where we were camped. I think it is because we were quite, lucky and that these creatures are narrow in their focus that we escaped direction.

The next day we decided to return to Tau and they (Gunnar and Richard) would be able to make their report to their city elders.

As we were returning to Tau, we came across a building that I think could be used as a rest stop. I also think it could be fortified. It appears to me that these metalmen are on the move and searching for something. If there are many of them, they pose a major threat to the tribe.

I find it shameful that their elders of this tribe send out their young people to discover what is happening in the outside world and then will not let them back in their city if they show change. This must hurt those who are banished deeply, yet Richard still works for the betterment of Tau. The tribe needs to be vary careful with any dealing that they have with this tribe, as I think they might try to destroy us out of hand. Not all of Tau thinks mutants are evil, but many do. Having said this I am finding acceptance with those who live in Crestone, especially amount those who have suffered change. It has been my impression that there is more of a judge by actions and not by looks there.

Now that I have seen these metalmen I feel the need to return to the tribe and warn them. Our grounds are too close to their grounds and I have the feeling that they are a major threat to the tribe.

One Response to “October 15th Skype Session”

  1. XP was granted for scouting, combat, mapping, and a significant bonus for pinpointing the source of the radio transmissions and spying on the mechanical men. Crow also gets bonus XP for the writeup.

    Crow receives a total of 1660 XP, Gunnar gets 1710 XP, and Richard gets 910 XP. (Gunnar makes 3rd rank.)

    A special storeroom allowance of 600 TU has been granted to the group for services to Lau (with Gunnar as spokesman, as he’s the only one who is actually welcome in the vault).

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