Zombies & Ghouls

Here’s my first new rules supplement in a long while. It concerns the undead – just in time for Hallowe’en.

Note that this is a referee supplement and is not intended for players.

Tempora Mutantur uses Simon J. Bull’s “SotU Refired” as a basis, which was itself inspired by Nicolas Dessaux’s original “Searchers of the Unknown”.

“Solanum” is from Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide. Some concepts swiped without permission from numerous zombie-related movies, books, and RPGs.

2 Responses to “Zombies & Ghouls”

  1. Moses Says:

    It is interesting that you should post this. Last Monday I was looking up ants and saw that there is this thing called a zombie ant. They get a fungus that controls their movements and how they live. I was going to goggle it to you as I have a thing for zombies in both the PA environment and fantasy games. I guess great minds think alike. Of course those of us who have read the different SET logs know that there is a ghoul city to the southeast of Lau, and I have been waiting for rules on them.

  2. Moses Says:

    The link for SOTU is not working right I think.

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