November 6th Skype Session

Last weekend I ran another Eden Prairie game. Moses and Ian played six PCs (Bart and Xavier, Steckel and Mariah, and Sawney and Jest).

Bart’s Diary entry (below) will serve as the session log for this adventure. XP awards and referee notes from me will be added as comments.

Well friends I am back at Ft. Bart, it has been a busy couple weeks and I and the rest of the group learned much. Steckel, I am pleased to say is fit-as-a-fiddle. The machine that he was put in fixed even his old scars. Though he was a bit loopy for a hour or so after being released. He said that he felt like he had been interrogated by something while he was under, but he has only hazy memories.

It was determined by the computer that Steckel is a distant descendant of Paul Bachman – a member of the Habicorb Board of Directors. This explains some of the computer’s actions. After being ‘healed’ Steckel was able to get the computer to agree to let a few (ten or less) people from Tau to move in the pod, which has been dubbed – the Roach Motel. The people who will be eligible to move in are immediate relatives of Steckel because they are all lineal relatives of Mr. Bachman and he was supposed to be one of the people who was to be kept safe in Eden Prairie. We will see how that goes. While I think it vary important to have some people move out of Tau and to other places I worry that Tau will learn of the riches to be found in Eden and they will plunder it and leave it in ruins. Many of the elders in Tau would like nothing more than to loot this place and ignore the long term consequences of that action. Of course there are some who will see things differently. It will be hard for the elders to overcome their fear of the unknown and trust a unknown entity. Time will tell. The computer is like nothing we have seen in Tau and it appears to be able to learn, so it might take actions to protect its self.

Speaking of the computer, while I do not know its name/designation, it is smart and it can learn. It is also polite after a fashion and I think it is lonely. While it has a person to talk to, that it keeps alive in a regeneration coffin, if the conversations that we had with him (his name is Brian Ventrine) are any indication, the conversations are not vary stimulating. The computer’s primary programming is to protect humans at all costs. I suspect this is why it has kept Brian alive as long as it has. According to the computer, Brian has been in the regen chamber for 35 years. Eden did not want to allow us to leave the pod because it would mean us going into danger. I was able to get it to change its mind, but still nobody should underestimate its desire/need to protect humans.

Eden can be reasoned with and bargained with. We were able to bargain to fix a water purifier and start to fix a broken regeneration chamber. The computer asked questions and helped us fix the table enough to start running diagnostics. We are still only half completed fixing the regen chamber. However Steckel was able to fix the water purifier and our pod got clean fresh drinking water. I do not want to say this too often to him, but Steckel is good with fixing things. However when he tried to fix a robot that only had one arm, he failed miserably. Oh well no one is perfect. In return for this work we got parts in return and I got quite a few medical supplies that Eden thinks has little value as they are all old fashion and not as good as his machines. (He is right as far as that goes, but for those of us who must travel outside they are of tremendous value.)

One of the problems that the computer has is it thinks too linearly. However as I have said it can learn and I think as it deals with more people it will start to think outside the box, as it were. It made a off hand comment that Brian was never the sharpest knife in the drawer, if that is true and this is the only person Eden has dealt with for the last 100 years it is no wonder his (Eden) thinking is a little unimaginative. I am interested in who Brian is and what was his job that got him to have a place here.

Before we left we told Eden that it would be at least 2 weeks before we came back. Eden offered to ‘fix’ Mad Mariah, surprisingly she said yes if someone stayed with her. Xavier said he would and so did Jest. So the rest of us (Steckel, Sawney and myself) left to go back to Ft. Bart and Tau. I stayed at the Fort and the others went back to Tau. The twins told us what had been going on over the last week +. I would like to see a cyborg as that would be fascinating to learn how machine and flesh are merged. Though I will also say that this new development dose not bode well for Tau or Crestone or ANY surface dweller. I am wondering if the parts can be used for robots.

My Venus-fly traps have died but the exploding flowers have not. Need to find more of both. But that is for another day…

5 Responses to “November 6th Skype Session”

  1. I’ve determined experience for the session. Once again primary rewards are story-based, with significant XP also granted for repairs. No combat experience this time.

    Each PC receives a base award of 1000 XP (!) for successfully negotiating space in the Roach Motel for colonists from Lau, and for initiating conversation with the Methuselah.

    For repairs to the water purifier and regen tank, Steckel receives 565 XP and Bart gets 500 XP.

    Bart gets 125 XP for roleplay and the diary post, and Steckel gains 50 XP for playing the descendant of P. Bachman. I’m rounding down XP for Sawney and Jest, since their player was not present.

    Final XP for each PC (including the +10% bonus and rounding) is 1790 XP for Bart, 1100 XP for Xavier, 1775 XP for Steckel, 1100 XP for Mariah, 1000 XP for Sawney, and 1000 XP for Jest.

    UPDATE 08-Nov-11: PC stats are now updated online.

  2. There’s one important clue that none of the players seemed to catch from this session.

    It was referenced twice – Moses and Ian, can you guess it?

  3. Moses Says:

    Would that be the people living in the other pods. Eden said something about 9 people and the other pods are closed off/sealed. I had to step away from the computer for a bit and caught just a bit, thought I was misunderstanding something and if it was important Ian would have mentioned it. I caught that there was mention of the other pods but Bart nor Xavier wished to press at that time as there were more important things to do. We were trying to win the computer over to us and not appear too nosy.
    If it is not that then it might be that it (Eden/computer) knows that we (Bart, Mad Mariah, Steckel[?] among others) specifically had been plundering the vault and pods before. As you might remember Bart said that Lau took the floating bot that we took weeks earlier. Bart, at least, was a bit embarrassed and did not wish to discuss that too much. Besides we were in the dungeon and the computer might decide to get mad. Eden made his point and I said I was sorry, we moved along. Why dwell???
    If it is not this then I am thinking that I missed it. Ian???

  4. Bingo.

    I was surprised there weren’t more questions about it during the game.

  5. Moses Says:

    Bingo what? A or B?

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