October 22nd Skype Session

Well, it’s a bit late but here is another session report. On Saturday 22-Oct-11, I ran a short Play-by-Skype game. Moses played three PCs – Crow, Gunnar, and Zieser. Richard and Silent Jack also joined the group as far as the abandoned farmyard.

Crow’s Diary entry (below) will serve as the session log for this adventure. XP awards and referee notes from me will be added as comments.

Well I am home. I have been gone about five or six weeks and though I returned with important news for the tribe I am happy to see my tribe and my family. However my return was not what I expected, due to the metalmen.

It took three days to find my people and them I had to convince them that the people (Gunnar and Zieser) who I brought with me were safe. This was vary disturbing as while it is not normal for visitors to come to the tribe but for a member to almost attack the visitors and the tribe member who vouched for them was surprising to say the least. All this anger came from the fact that the tribe had been ambushed by the metalmen and twelve were killed. There was no distinction made for children or women. Evidently the tribe barely escaped with as few of losses as they did. One of the people who was killed was the second wife of Rauch, the person who was being the most threatening and antagonistic towards both me and Gunnar. However a cooler head prevailed and after asking Rauch why he was trying to start a fight. I had vouched for my friends after all. After a few tense minutes Rouch explained what had happened. He was acting out because of his grief.

The three of us spent a great deal of time just relaxing and answering questions. Though it took longer than I thought it would the tribe and the tribal leaders finally accepted my companions as friends and we were given a celebration to honour my return and their visit. Though I must say I was worried that some in the tribe might try to take advantage of my companions inebriation and that there might be some… difficulty. (It had already been suggested that the tribe just TAKE Gunnar and Zieser’s gear and use the bodies for fertilizer. The idea went nowhere thankfully.)

While we were in the forest looking for the tribe we almost became food for a hangman tree. I was not paying attention (again) and we got to the trunk before I realized my mistake, as it was Gunnar was hurt rather severely. Also my friends were made quite nervous because the trees have eyes and followed us with their eyes. The trees where they live do not have eyes. I feel sorry for those trees. How are they supposed to watch over their forest if they cannot see???

I think that we will be going to scout out the metalmen to try and ascertain exactly what they are up to and what their strength is. Hopefully we will also be able to find more treasure, because while it is nice to be treated with the respect that I have been shown and asked to stay with the tribe I am not ready to stop exploring the outside world.
I must say that I still do not understand why the elders do not listen to the words of their explorers, this confuses me. I suppose I can understand why they do not want them to go back into the city, but to send them out to learn about the outside world and then not listen to them because they have the Creep change is just incomprehensible to me. If we are to have any dealings with this city we must tread VERY carefully and it might be in the tribe’s best interest to interact with the people who live in Crestone city instead of Tau.

I feel I must make some mention of Richard and his absence from my homecoming. As we were returning to Tau we came across a old silo on an abandoned farmsite near the road we were traveling. Now the silo is not in the best of shape, and it is a little ways away from Crestone, but it is right on the way to where we discovered the metalmen. Now as the metalmen expand to threaten Tau, and I am certain they will, they will have to go past this silo. If Tau were to put small garrison there the metalmen would be forced to deal with it before attacking Crestone or Tau. I made mention to both Gunnar and Richard that it would be wise for someone to make this silo into a fort. It would not only slow down any invaders but it could be a way station for travellers; a place to take refuge from rad storms etc.

Well Richard was very upset with that thinking. He felt that he was being forced to be alone and that his friends along with his home/family (Tau) were abandoning him because he had the Creep. While I admit that my reasoning for bringing up the topic was because of him and in a roundabout way was because he was Creep afflicted, but it had nothing to due with his BEING Creep changed but more HOW the Creep changed him. He is SLOW and can not move vary fast. I was hoping that he would think of making the silo his home and that it would be a good all on his own, but he saw through my ruse and it really hurt his feelings. I think he was feeling abandoned by everyone and it almost caused me a friend. In the end he agreed to stay, as long as Silent Jack accompanied him. As I continue my walkabout I need to learn to be more delicate with sensitive subjects.

Richard is a vary good fighter and has survived the wilds for many years. Fortunately he came to realize that being the tower keeper he was playing to his strengths and could worry less about slowing a party down because he drew a bad creep card. He will be a friend to the tribe and he will be invaluable to the defense of both Crestone and Tau.

5 Responses to “October 22nd Skype Session”

  1. Moses Says:

    Remember that Crow gave a first-aid kit and a power cell to the tribe for general use; also gave the bible to his folks. So they need to be taken off his list of items.

  2. I’m afraid I didn’t take very good notes for this session, so I’m winging it with the XP.

    Richard and Silent Jack get 50 XP just for making it to the farmyard.

    Gunnar and Zieser each get 250 XP for exploration, retreating from the Hangman tree, and peaceful contact with Crow’s tribe.

    Crow also gets the 250 XP, plus 250 bonus XP for the session report and for reporting back to his tribe (500 XP total).

  3. Moses Says:

    This sounds ok though I think Crow should get a bit more xp for peacefully resolving the verbal confrontation with Rauch. It did not become violent and it directly lead to the welcome home party.

  4. Okay; I’ll bump Crow up by 100 XP.

  5. Moses Says:

    Thanks. Are we gaming this Friday/Saturday?

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