Energy Weapons

(I’ve got fragments of some new rule supplements, but have had trouble finishing them up so I’ll post them here. This one is swiped from Darwin’s World.)

Well-known in science fiction long before they actually became viable weapons, energy weapons were a natural evolution of the advanced military science of the Ancients.

Weapons of this type, widely used before the Fall, act to generate and concentrate powerful energy to incinerate, disintegrate, or otherwise destroy opponents. Energy weapons solved the problem of varying calibers and munitions types by utilizing the universal e-clip, making them infinitely more useful in those days.

Laser weapons work by colliding lasing atoms with electrically accelerated electrons within an active medium. The maser is basically a “microwave laser”, and was cheaper and easier to produce. Ion weapons generate a powerful electro-magnetic pulse which is incredibly damaging to robots.

Energy Weapons Tables

  Laser Weapons Type Value Damage
Laser Pistol Ancient, Lt, Ranged 300 TU 2d4
  Accurate (+1 to Atk); requires e-clip; out of power on 1.
Laser Rifle Ancient, Med, Ranged 600 TU 2d6
  Accurate (+1 to Atk); requires e-clip; out of power on 1 or 2.
Pulse Rifle Ancient, Med, Ranged 900 TU 2d6/2d6
  Pulse attack; requires e-clip; out of power on 1 or 2 (on either Atk).

  Maser Weapons Type Value Damage
Maser Pistol Ancient, Lt, Ranged 250 TU 2d4
  Requires e-clip; out of power on 1.
Maser Rifle Ancient, Med, Ranged 500 TU 2d6
  Requires e-clip; out of power on 1 or 2.

  Ion Weapons Type Value Damage
Ion Blaster Ancient, Med, Ranged 625 TU 3d6 1
  Requires e-clip; out of power on 1 or 2.
Ion Cannon Ancient, Hvy, Ranged 950 TU 3d8 1
  Requires e-clip; out of power on 1, 2, or 3.

1 Against non-robots, ion weapons only inflict 1 die of damage.

Laser Pistol: The laser pistol was designed for military service and is a rugged, reliable weapon. They were common as sidearms for military personnel – especially officers – in the years preceding the Fall.

Laser Rifle: The laser rifle was the standard weapon of the North American Combine armed forces before the Fall. Like all lasers, it is extremely precise and accurate.

Pulse Rifle: Although less accurate than most laser weapons, this weapon can fire pulses of laser light in the manner of a fully automatic weapon. When fired in pulse mode, the character can make two attack rolls and can pick which result to use (i.e., the attack is considered advantaged). However, the e-clip is drained if either Atk roll is a 1 or 2.

(This is not the same as two separate attacks; it’s a “roll twice, drop lowest” game mechanic!)

Maser Pistol: Simply a scaled-down version of the maser rifle, the pistol has a smaller energy capacitor and reduced magnetron tube. Such weapons were actually quite widespread as civilian and police sidearms during the final years of the Fall.

Maser Rifle: The maser rifle was designed as a low-cost replacement to the standard battlefield laser weapon and was adopted by many foreign forces. A relatively light weapon, the maser rifle has a folding stock (usually made of aluminum).

Ion Blaster: Weapons of this type were rush-developed during the Fall due to increasing numbers of robots and androids in the fighting armies. Ion blasters are largely ineffective against living creatures.

Ion Cannon: A large and bulky weapon, the ion cannon is strong enough to cause extreme damage to electronic, cybernetic, and robotic targets. Note that this includes targets wearing power armour.

3 Responses to “Energy Weapons”

  1. Just to be clear about my sources; the majority of the flavour text in this post is taken verbatim from Darwin’s World (from RPGObjects). Variations have also appeared in Mutant Future (from Goblinoid Games).

    The picture is swiped from Mutant Future, Revised Printing.

  2. Moses Says:

    Now we have a vary good idea what the Ion grenade can do. I think I have some pictures of masers :]

  3. An unusual feature of masers is that their beam is invisible (unless it strikes a metal surface, in which case electric arcs can been seen). This makes it ideal as an assassin’s weapons; several models of high-powered sniper rifles were in service before the Fall.

    Maser Sniper Rifle: Adv, Hvy, Ranged. 825 TU. 2d8 damage. Requires e-clip; out of power on 1, 2, or 3.

    Special: If a full round is spent aiming, the sniper attack is considered advantaged (roll twice and take best result).

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