Gauss Weapons

(I’ve got fragments of some new rule supplements, but have had trouble finishing them up so I’ll post them here. This one is swiped from Darwin’s World.)

Mass-driving weapons are advanced firearms that operate on a simple principle – an electro-magnetic force is used to drive a mass to dangerously high velocities to punch through armour, metal, tissue, whatever. Such weapons are a bridge between traditional ballistic weapons and energy weapons – they fire ballistic missiles but require an energy charge or field to build up the required force. Mass-drivers are almost universally known as “gauss weapons”.

Gauss weapons use specially-alloyed flechette projectiles as well as power from an e-clip source when fired. Gauss weapons can fire improvised ammunition (any small, magnetic metal fragments), but will only inflict half damage. Special armour-penetrating depleted uranium (DU) rounds are also available.

Mass-Driver Weapons Table

  Gauss Weapons Type Value Damage
Gauss Needler Adv, Med, Ranged 300 TU 2d6 1
  Requires e-clip & ammo; out of power/ammo on 1 or 2 2.
Gauss Battle Rifle Adv, Hvy, Ranged 625 TU 2d8 1
  Slow, requires e-clip & ammo; out of power/ammo on 1, 2, or 3 2.
Gauss Auto-Gun Adv, Extra-Hvy, Ranged 850 TU 2d10 1
  Slow, requires e-clip & ammo; out of power/ammo on 1, 2, 3, or 4 2.

1 Half damage from improvised ammunition.
2 Roll 1d6; out of ammo on 1-3, drained e-clip on 4-6.

Gauss Needler: The gauss needler is a miniaturized version of the mass-driving rifle, though it still requires two hands to use effectively. It was a common weapon among troops of the North American Combine prior to the Fall.

Gauss Battle Rifle: Developed from generations of mass driving weapons, the “modern” gauss rifle incorporates a larger and longer barrel than earlier models (permitting more rails, and thus increased momentum of the flechettes) and more reliable magnetic generators that reduce the risk of instability and explosion to almost nothing.

Gauss Auto-Gun: This huge “railgun” is an advanced anti-tank weapon. Primarily used to defeat armour and armoured vehicles, its gauss flechettes pierce armour extraordinarily well. It must be supported by a tripod or mounted on a vehicle to be used effectively.

Flechette Ammo: Gauss weapons work best when firing specially-alloyed metal flechettes. Since this ammo can be constructed using Retro-Tech equipment, it is relatively inexpensive. Value: 20 TU.

DU Flechettes: Used to overcome heavy armour, flechettes made from depleted uranium (DU) function like a normal projectiles except that they ignore up to 1 point of Damage Resistance when used with a gauss needler, 2 points DR with a gauss rifle, and 3 points DR with a gauss auto-gun. Value: 100 TU.

3 Responses to “Gauss Weapons”

  1. Just to be clear about my sources; the majority of the flavour text in this post is taken verbatim from Darwin’s World (from RPGObjects). Variations have also appeared in Mutant Future (from Goblinoid Games).

    The picture is swiped from Darwin’s World, 2nd edition.

  2. Moses Says:

    You did not mention a gauss pistol, just carbine, battle rifle and auto-gun.

  3. Fixed.

    (I changed all ‘carbine’ and ‘pistol’ references to ‘needler’.)

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