November 26th Skype Session

On Saturday, November 26th, I had the good fortune to run both a Tabletop game and a Play-by-Skype session of Tempora Mutantur. Here is a brief (and deliberately evasive) session log of the evening Skype game…

In previous sessions, a group of PCs set off from Crestone to locate the tribe of Crow-that-Dances. Richard the Tainted and Silent Jack were stationed at the Farmyard; while Crow, Gunnar, and Zieser Three-Arm located and befriended Crow’s tribe, which had been attacked by “metal men” and retreated further into the Forest of Eyes.

The Skype game was broken into two segments; in the first, Professor Dogface learned of the events at the Farmyard. In the second, the other PCs discovered the source of the mysterious radio transmissions.


The Tale of Professor Dogface

Day 1: The Professor set out with the Eden colonists, then turned towards the Farmyard by mid-day.

At the Farmyard, Richard and Jack fought a pair of quill cats. Richard slew one in a single blow, and its mate fled after being unable to pierce the PC’s armour.

Day 2: After spending the night on the open plains, Professor Dogface locates the Farmyard and joins Richard and Jack.

Day 3: Late in the night Zieser returns, with news of dire happenings (see below).

Day 4: Zieser rests at the Farmyard.

Day 5: Zieser leaves at dawn, heading to Tau.

Day 6: Will be the subject of a future game session…


The Tale of Zieser Three-Arm

Day 1: After an evening of tribal celebrations; Crow, Gunnar, and Zieser set off overland from the Forest of Eyes towards the source of the Radio Transmissions.

Day 2: The PCs locate heaps of rocks and rubble, forming a ‘crater’ at the site of the radio signals. Zieser remains concealed behind a concrete plinth, while Crow and Gunnar climb the hills to spy on events within. Zieser watches them from a safe distance.

In the mid-afternoon, Zieser loses sight of the scouts. Later, he hears gunshots in the nearby plains. Zieser remains in his hidden location overnight.

Day 3: In the early morning, Zieser spots brilliant flashes of light in the plains a mile or two away. He then observes a large humanoid figure, heavily laden, trudging towards the ‘crater’.

Searching the plains, Zieser discovers signs of battle and the charred remains of Crow. Crow’s possessions lay strewn about, all smashed, except for his high-tech gear (which is missing) and the Ancient bow (which was on the ground a short distance from the battle site). There is no sign of Gunnar or his equipment.

Zieser immediately sets off southward, towards the Farmyard and Tau. In the nearby badlands, he nearly falls victim to a Mutant Scorpion’s sting, but manages to flee. Pushing through the night, he reaches the Farmyard before daybreak.

Day 4: Zieser rests at the Farmyard.

Day 5: Zieser travels southward, camping in the open plains.

Day 6: Zieser returns to Tau and provides an update on his explorations. Expedition Control interprets the events as hostile intent on the part of the Metal Men, and prepares for the worst – an eventual attack upon tau. Zieser is invited to join the defenders at the gates of Tau.

Meanwhile, Logan arrives from Crestone, with news of the Eden Prairie colonists.

Day 7: Will be the subject of a future game session…

2 Responses to “November 26th Skype Session”

  1. The two sessions on Nov 26th were run independently of each other, and neither group had information on the outcome of the other.

    I’ve left out a lot of info about Crow and Gunnar, since there is nobody left to reveal their personal discoveries to Lau…

  2. I want to ret-con one event from this session (in memory of Crow).

    Although it was badly damaged, Zieser was able to scavenge a handful of pages from Crow’s Diary. (These pages correspond to the previous entry which were provided as Session Logs.)

    The diary was left at the Farmyard, for the PCs there to puzzle over.

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