November 26th Tabletop Session

On Saturday, November 26th, I had the good fortune to run both a Tabletop game and a Play-by-Skype session of Tempora Mutantur. Here is a session log of the afternoon tabletop game…

In previous sessions, Steckel had previously been identified as a descendent of Paul Bachman, one of the members of Habicorb’s board of directors. The central computer of the Eden Praire Vault Complex had agreed to let Steckel and his direct family access to the restored module known as the “Roach Motel”. The elders of Tau have condoned a slow, cautious establishment of a ‘satellite vault’ at Eden Prairie; and Steckel’s father and three siblings are to become the first four permanent ‘colonists’.

Day 1: Steckel, Sawney, and Charlie Roxx ventured overland with the colonists (Professor Dogface joined them for part of the day, before splitting off to head towards the Farmyard).

Day 2: After their forced march, the group was exhausted and spent the next day resting at Crestone.

Day 3: The following morning, they radioed Eden Prairie to inform them of their arrival in two days and began preparing the Damnation Minivan. During these preparations, four cybernetic humanoids appeared and advanced menacingly directly towards the Crestone parkade. Steckel managed to initiate a peaceful parley with the creatures (!), who proclaimed themselves scouts for the ‘Enclave’. “Do not judge us by our appearance. The true inhabitants of the Enclave are human!”

When asked, Steckel stated that his community was populated by pure-strain humans and claimed that Crestone was their home. They also revealed that they had been “tracking your radio communications”.

The cyborgs requested “diplomatic negotiations between your people and the Enclave” and stated that “an emissary from the Enclave will arrive for discussions”. Steckel requested four days to prepare (enough time to drop colonists off at Eden Prairie then return), and the cyborgs agreed. After final preparations, the group set off towards Eden with Lucas driving the Damnation Minivan.

They reached Fort Bart, and informed Bartholemew Powell of recent events. Leaving Lucas and the minivan behind, the remaining party members continued eastwards, into the forest. There, they ran into multiple colonies of Hangman Trees and Steckel’s father was slain.

Back at the Fort, Bart and Lucas scared off a trio of Night Goats (killing one) before being knocked unconscious by Psychic Bats (attracted by the gunshots during battle) and drained of much of their blood.

All in all, an eventful day.

Day 4: Exhausted and grieving for their loss, the PCs and colonists reached Eden Prairie. The colonists blamed their brother Steckel for the death of their father, and were generally sulky and ungrateful.

Back at Fort Bart, Lucas developed a serious fever and drifted in and out of consciousness. Bart, though weakened, did not become ill and worked to restore Lucas to health.

Day 5: The PCs turned back towards Crestone, leaving Charlie Roxx at Eden and taking Mariah with them instead (fresh from the regen tanks). Reaching the forest late in the day, they attempted a different route but ran into Hangman Tree groves yet again. They got pretty good at running away. Then they ran into a floating Fungal Polyp which charmed Sawney and Mariah while attacking Steckel. Luckily, they were able to break out of their confusion before Steckel was bludgeoned to a pulp (though he was unconscious, concussed, and bleeding badly) and defeat the mutant abomination.

Dragging the injured Steckel, Sawney and Mariah made it back late in the evening to Fort Bart. By this time Lucas still had a high fever, and the bat bites were swollen and red, but he was sleeping peacefully. And all the good medical gear was used up, leaving nothing for Steckel.

Day 6: With their regular driver still very sick, the party got somewhat lost while navigating the Damnation Minivan back to Crestone. Bart returned with the others to tend to Lucas and Steckel – and because he was curious about the Enclave ’emissary’. Beaten and bruised, the PCs reached Crestone in the early afternoon.

Day 7: Will be the subject of a future game session…

2 Responses to “November 26th Tabletop Session”

  1. BTW, during this time Logan was running back and forth between Crestone and Lau, relaying messages without using radio. After the party’s return, he was sent back to Lau immediately.

  2. Moses Says:

    Only males went to Eden? I did not understand that Steckel went back to Crestone, I am curious as to why he did that.
    The woods do sound like they have gotten more dangerous. Did Steckel have any scouts with the party?

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