Advice Sought on Skills

UPDATE: After some playtesting, I went with the ‘Dwarven Glory’ version and I’ve put together some ‘Alternate’ Core Rules incorporating these updates.

I’m looking for feedback from others. One thing that bugged me about the last Dwarven Glory game session related to skill checks – there really wasn’t much difference between the classes (at least until high level).

I like the idea of generalist characters in Tempora Mutantur, but not so much for Dwarven Glory, so I’m considering the following rule changes:

  • In Dwarven Glory, each character receives a +3 bonus to their class skill.
  • In Tempora Mutantur, a character receives a +1 bonus to each skill.

At least for Dwarven Glory, this would kind of replicate the rules for Saving Throws – which tempts me to switch to a single Saving Throw, like in Swords & Wizardry. And maybe define it as a Target Number, instead of using the Target 20 mechanic…

Anyhow, I thought I was done with tinkering with the Core Rules and am looking for advice from anyone who’s played these minimalist rules.

4 Responses to “Advice Sought on Skills”

  1. Moses Says:

    I am not 100% sure what you are asking. My characters already get a + for their quirks, they do not per say have skills beyond being able to do something better depending on what class they are. I mean by this there are things that each class can do better than those who are not in that class, but still anyone can try to do anything your roll is not as good if you are trying to do something out of your class. Personally I like this.
    Now if you are asking if I think they should get even more of a bones for their quirk, then I scream YES! But in fairness I think you should give that bonus when they level up.
    Since I am not playing DG I do not know how that game works.
    To give a better answer I need a better understanding of what you are wanting.

  2. It’s for the Athletics/Subterfuge/Lore skill checks at 1st rank; PCs would still gain additional bonuses with experience.

    In Dwarven Glory, there are Fighter/Thief/Runecaster classes. For a Fantasy RPG, I like the idea of having more ‘specialized’ classes. So I was thinking of giving a +3 class bonus at 1st level.

    For Tempora Mutantur, I like more ‘generalist’ PCs. To keep power levels roughly equal between the two games, I was thinking of giving +1 bonus to each skill.

    (Maybe I should also have a ‘Specialist’ quirk that changes it from +1 to each skill to +3 on the class skill…)

  3. Moses Says:

    I guess I am still kinda confused. In Tempora Mutantur my Thinker class characters get their rank added to their rolls for thinking stuff and my Scout gets half his level for the same thinking stuff, now am I understanding correctly that you want to give a +1 to the Thinker for that roll which would be in addition to their level add? Now if this is correct then it seems to me that you are giving a bit much to the player.
    Perhaps I am viewing this from the wrong position. I personally have always felt that all classes should be able to do anything they want, with the exceptions of magic/psy. Meaning any class should be able if they have the training to pick a lock. Some classes are naturally better at certain things than others but the 3rd level Ogre fighter/enforcer should be able to learn lock picking. I think everyone understands that he is not going to be as good at it as the Ogre thief and certainly not as good as a Halfling thief. Xavier knows that he is not going to be as good at the biology stuff or fixing computers as Bart but he can still do those things.
    Now if you wanted to say that I can have my thinkers spend more time learning a certain skill and yet not necessarily get a negative penalty to something else then that seems fair and logical; after all if I am going to keep Bart focusing on plants and animals he should as he progresses get better at it. It also makes sense to have something other than a quirk in the game, but in TM you get to add your level to your skills and then if you have a quirk that is even more of a bonus.
    Am I understanding what you are asking?

  4. I posted an example of what I was thinking – you can compare the alt rules here to those on the Dwarven Glory site.

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