Alternate Core Rules

Here is an alternate version of the Tempora Mutantur Core Rules, applying the changes mused about in my previous post:

Adventuring Skills and Saving Throws are different than the standard rules.

So – which version do you prefer?

2 Responses to “Alternate Core Rules”

  1. Excellent! Any plans to convert Cave of Life or Skeleton Base from the Ground Zero rules into adventures for TM?

  2. Cave of Life and Skeleton Base are actually swiped from the Darwin’s World system. You can get them for free from: or

    I don’t plan on doing any detailed conversions; so far I’ve been taking material from other sources and converting it on the fly.

    I’ve got some index cards kicking around from when I ran Cave of Life as a convention game at Underground Con. I might dig them out and post some scans…

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