Class Option – Psion

Variant class options and sub-classes are a time-honoured tradition in role-playing games. Here is an example of an alternate thinker class

Instead of devoting themselves to the study of Ancient technology like the thinker, psions focus on the development of superior psychic powers.

The psion has explored the depths of his own mind and understands it well. He is the master of mental discipline; the realm of the mind is his battlefield.

A character must have at least one psionic mutation to advance in this class.

Game Rule Information

Unless stated below, a psion is identical to the thinker in terms of rule effects:

Prerequisite: To advance as a psion, a character must already possess one or more psionic mutations. This effectively limits the class to near-humans and mutants.

Psionic Advantage: Psions can make two Lore checks when manifesting a psionic power and take the best result. (See the Mutations Supplement for details on psionic checks.)

Psionic Powers: The psion may choose a minor psi-power at 1st rank, a medium psi-power at 3rd, and a major psi-power at 5th. Select these from the list of perks in the Mutations Supplement.

Thinker Abilities: Psions forfeit the typical thinker attack bonus with Ancient relics. Likewise, psions do not receive the Tech Level, Repair Items, Hidden Lore, and Useful Trivia class abilities.

One Response to “Class Option – Psion”

  1. I updated this post today to reflect my newer thoughts on the thinker class.

    I’m waffling on whether to give the psion the Hidden Lore and Useful Trivia abilities. They fit the class concept, but psions get psionic powers at the same levels.

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