Core Rules – Another Take

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the Tempora Mutantur rules. Last week I re-read them, and a couple things bothered me.

  1. First was hit points. I switched to fixed hp at each rank (+5 for enforcers, +4 for scouts, and +3 for thinkers; double at 1st).
  2. Second was thinkers. Player feedback is that they’re pretty sucky compared to the other classes. So I moved the rules for Tech Levels to the Core Rules (displacing the Ancient Relics text) and gave thinkers the benefit of Advanced-Tech (while other classes are Retro-Tech). That should make them more interesting to play.
  3. Third was the skill names. “Athletics” and “Subterfuge” don’t really roll of the tongue. And I want scouts to be more “skilled” in general, rather than just sneaky. So I changed Atheletics to Might and Subterfuge to Skill. And I changed the nomenclature for “Skills” to “Feats” (since Skill is now one of the three basic abilities).

So anyways, here are the new Tempora Mutantur Core Rules for 2013:

So – anyone still out there? Any opinions on these changes?

3 Responses to “Core Rules – Another Take”

  1. The “Might” and “Skill” descriptors were cribbed from Mazes & Minotaurs, an excellent old-school Greco-Roman themed RPG.

  2. Arthur Frayn Says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of your game, and I’m thrilled to see that you are tinkering with it again. It’s always great to see this game ‘mutate’ into something more!

  3. Thanks. The “one-page” approach was always meant to accomodate my Gamer ADD and makes it easier to come back to the game after a hiatus.

    I usually find a few things that I want to change after every break. These rules are starting to fit like a glove, though.

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